8 Best High Protein Cat Treats

Written by: Ejay C
| Published on August 9, 2023

In the wild, a cat’s diet consists primarily of protein. Domesticated felines, though far removed from their wild ancestors, still have an inherent craving and biological need for protein-rich sustenance. High protein cat treats not only satisfy this natural instinct but also provide numerous health benefits, from maintaining lean muscle mass to supporting overall bodily functions. This article delves into the best high protein cat treats on the market and why they might just be the perfect treat for your feline friend.

#1 – ORIJEN Original Freeze Dried Cat Treats, Grain Free Treats for Cats, Raw Animal Ingredients, 1.25oz

ORIJEN Original Freeze Dried Cat Treats are grain-free treats made with raw animal ingredients. These treats are freeze-dried to retain nutrients and flavor. They are made with 99% quality animal ingredients, including free-run poultry and wild-caught flounder, and contain WholePrey animal ingredients for optimal nutrition.

Best For: Cats who need high-protein treats for training or rewarding.


#2 – Dr. Elsey’s Cleanprotein Grain Free High Protein, Low Carb Dry Cat Food, Chicken, 2lb , Pack of 1(Packaging May Vary)

Dr. Elsey’s Cleanprotein Grain Free High Protein, Low Carb Dry Cat Food is a popular cat food option that is designed to optimize the body condition of cats with high levels of animal-based protein. It is grain-free, gluten-free, and contains omega-3 fatty acids. It is best for those looking for a cat food that prioritizes high protein content.

Best For: High protein content on a budget.


#3 – Whole Life Pet Just One Salmon – Cat Treat Or Topper – Human Grade, Freeze Dried, One Ingredient – Protein Rich, Grain Free, Made in The USA

Whole Life Pet Just One Salmon is a freeze-dried cat treat or meal topper made from human-grade salmon. It is a protein-rich and grain-free product made in the USA. The treats are made with only one ingredient, without any preservatives, fillers, or artificial ingredients, ensuring quality and safety for cats.

Best For: Cats with finicky eating habits, stomach sensitivity, or overweight pets.


#4 – Redbarn Cat Protein Puffs Salmon (1-Count)

Redbarn Cat Protein Puffs Salmon (1-Count) are grain-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free treats that are ideal for cats with specific sensitivities. These treats are made with high-protein salmon, containing over 75% protein. They are also highly palatable with a salmon flavor that cats won’t be able to resist.

Best for: Cats with certain sensitivities. (Best for cats with sensitivities)


#5 – Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats and Dogs – Minnow – Gluten-Free Pet Food – 1 Oz.

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats and Dogs are all-natural, gluten-free, and grain-free treats that are ideal for pet training or as snacks. They are made with natural ingredients and are free from added hormones or antibiotics. These savory and chewy treats come in flavors such as minnow and are made in the U.S.A.

Best For: Pet training or as snacks


#6 – Nutri Bites (Value Pack) Freeze Dried Salmon Pets Treats Rich in Protein and Omega-3 Premium Quality 14 OZ for Dogs and Cats

Nutri Bites (Value Pack) Freeze Dried Salmon Pets Treats are a high quality and nutritious option for dogs and cats. Made from 100% wild caught salmon, these treats are rich in Omega-3 and protein, which support the immune system and decrease inflammation. They are made in a SQF certified facility in Canada, ensuring a high standard of safety and quality.

Best For: Pets on a budget looking for high quality treats.


#7 – Jungle Calling Freeze Dried Cat and Dog Treats, Grain Free, Raw Single Ingredient Chicken, High Protein Snacks for Training (Chicken Cube)

Jungle Calling Freeze Dried Cat and Dog Treats are made from high-quality chicken that has been freeze-dried to preserve its nutrition and texture. These treats are grain-free and additive-free, making them a simple and healthy option for pets. With a protein content of over 80%, they are easy to digest and absorb, making them suitable for pets with sensitive stomachs.

Best for: Training and On-the-Go Snacking


#8 – Reveal Natural Cat Treats, 12 Pack, Single Ingredient, Grain Free Treats for Cats, Real Protein Fillet Cat Treat, 1.06oz Whole Tuna Loin

The Reveal Natural Cat Treats are a 12-pack of single ingredient, grain-free treats for cats. Made with real protein fillet cat treat, each treat is 1.06oz of whole tuna loin. These treats are grain-free, simple, and made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They provide a delicious variety for fussy eaters and can be served as a whole treat, broken into pieces, or sprinkled over food.

Best For: Cats who prefer natural treats without artificial additives.


What Should I Look for When Buying High Protein Cat Treats?

When purchasing high protein cat treats, several key considerations should guide your choice:

  1. Real Meat as the Primary Ingredient: Always ensure that the treat lists a real, recognizable meat (like chicken, turkey, salmon, etc.) as the first ingredient. This indicates the treat is primarily composed of high-quality protein.
  2. Minimal Fillers: Some treats contain fillers like corn, wheat, or soy, which don’t offer much nutritional value. Opt for treats that focus on pure protein sources and essential ingredients.
  3. No Artificial Additives: Avoid treats with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Natural ingredients are generally safer and more digestible for cats.
  4. Nutritional Analysis: Check the packaging for a breakdown of protein, fat, fiber, and moisture content. A high protein percentage is essential, but also ensure that fat and fiber are within suitable ranges for your cat’s needs.
  5. Texture and Size: The physical characteristics of the treat can influence its palatability and digestibility. Depending on your cat’s preferences and dental health, decide between soft or crunchy treats.
  6. Ethical Sourcing: Consider brands that use sustainably sourced or humanely raised meats. Ethical considerations can reflect the overall quality of the product.
  7. Positive Reviews: Research reviews from other cat owners. Their experiences can provide insights into the treat’s taste, digestibility, and overall quality.
  8. Age Appropriateness: Some high protein treats might be specifically formulated for kittens, adults, or senior cats. Ensure the treat is suitable for your cat’s life stage.

Lastly, always introduce new treats gradually and monitor your cat’s reaction. While high protein treats can be beneficial, it’s essential to ensure they are well-tolerated and enjoyed by your feline friend.


Frequently Asked Questions About High Protein Cat Treats

  1. Why are high protein cat treats beneficial?
    High protein cat treats support lean muscle development, ensure proper growth, and meet the carnivorous dietary needs of cats. They provide essential amino acids that help maintain overall health.
  2. Can a cat have too much protein from treats?
    Yes, while cats thrive on protein, moderation is key. Consuming excessive protein can lead to an imbalanced diet and potentially put strain on the kidneys, especially if the cat has existing kidney issues.
  3. How do high protein treats affect senior cats?
    Senior cats might have decreased kidney function, so while protein is essential, excessive amounts can be harmful. Choose treats formulated for seniors, ensuring they get the right balance.
  4. What’s the difference between animal-based and plant-based protein in treats?
    Animal-based proteins provide a complete amino acid profile that’s ideal for cats, while plant-based proteins might lack some essential amino acids. Always prioritize animal-based protein sources for cats.
  5. Are high protein treats suitable for overweight cats?
    High protein treats can be suitable for overweight cats when given in moderation, as protein helps maintain lean muscle mass. However, always monitor calorie intake and consult your vet for dietary advice.
  6. Do all high protein treats have real meat as the first ingredient?
    Not always. It’s essential to read the ingredient list to ensure real meat is the primary ingredient, indicating a high-quality protein source.
  7. Can kittens have high protein treats?
    Yes, kittens can benefit from high protein treats as they support growth and development. However, ensure the treats are size-appropriate and formulated for kittens.
  8. How often can I give my cat high protein treats?
    Treats should constitute no more than 10% of your cat’s daily caloric intake. Depending on the treat’s calorie content, this might be several pieces daily, but always in moderation.
  9. Are there any side effects of giving too many high protein treats?
    Excessive protein can lead to weight gain, an imbalanced diet, or strain on the kidneys. It’s vital to offer treats as part of a balanced diet and monitor for any digestive or health issues.
  10. How do I store high protein cat treats?
    Store treats in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. If the treats contain fresh or raw ingredients, refer to the packaging – they might require refrigeration. Always check the expiration date before feeding.


Conclusion: Best High Protein Cat Treats

Selecting the right treat for your cat is an essential part of ensuring they lead a healthy and active life. High protein cat treats offer an excellent way to complement your cat’s diet with that extra boost of vital nutrients. While these treats are beneficial, it’s always important to offer them in moderation and ensure they fit well within your cat’s overall dietary needs. With the right balance, you can keep your cat purring with delight and health for years to come.

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