8 Best Catnip Sprays

Written by: Arlene Divina
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| Published on September 2, 2023

Catnip sprays offer a convenient and mess-free way to bring the irresistible allure of catnip into your feline friend’s life. Formulated to capture the essence of this herb, catnip sprays provide a quick and easy application across a variety of surfaces, from toys to scratching posts. But with a range of products flooding the market, how do you decide which one is best for your cat? In this article, we will explore the top catnip sprays that excel in potency, safety, and versatility, helping you make the purr-fect choice for your feline companion.


#1 – Meowijuana | 3 Oz. Premium Catnip Spray | Organic | High Potency | Use On Cat Toys, Teasers, and Scratchers | Grown in The USA | Feline and Cat Lover Approved

This 3 oz. bottle of Meowijuana Premium Catnip Spray is made from organic, high-potency catnip that is grown in the USA. It is 100% natural, and free from preservatives, pesticides, fillers, and artificial ingredients. This convenient and easy-to-use spray can be used on cat toys, teasers, and scratchers to stimulate cats and relieve anxiety and boredom.

Best For: Cat lovers on a budget.


#2 – Petlinks Bliss Mist Catnip Spray, Safe for Pets – 7 Fluid Ounces

The Petlinks Bliss Mist Catnip Spray is a safe and natural way to stimulate and energize cats. This spray can be used on toys, beds, scratchers, or play areas to provide a burst of energy followed by a calm and relaxing experience for cats. Petlinks prioritizes safety and ensures that its products do not contain any harmful chemicals or fillers, making it a reliable choice for pet owners.

Best For: Stimulating and energizing cats.


#3 – SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray for Cats & Kittens, Safe for Pets – Trial Size, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

The SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray is a trial-sized product that is designed to make playtime more enjoyable for cats and kittens. It can be applied to toys, scratchers, and beds to engage cats in more active play. The mist is filled with liquid catnip, which is stimulating and can give cats a burst of energy during playtime. It is also made with pure ingredients and does not contain any chemicals or pesticides.

Best for: Engaging cats in more active play. Best on a budget


#4 – Smokey’s Stash Cat Catnip Spray and Dried Organic Catnip Combo Maximum Potency nip Bundle

Smokey’s Stash Cat Catnip Spray and Dried Organic Catnip Combo is a bundle that includes a 2-ounce organic catnip essential oil mixed with distilled water for maximum potency. Catnip is safe and healthy for cats and kittens, providing great exercise. The catnip spray is perfect for rejuvenating old cat toys and can be used for training cats where to scratch.

Best For: Training and exercise for cats.


#5 – Pet Craft Supply Premium Maximum Potent All Natural Catnip for Cats USA Grown & Harvested 8 oz Value Spray Bottle Great for Training Redirecting Bad Behaviors 8oz

Pet Craft Supply Premium Maximum Potent All Natural Catnip is a USA-grown and harvested catnip spray that is made with natural and organic ingredients. It is pure, potent, and free from chemicals, pesticides, and fillers. This catnip is great for training and redirecting bad behaviors in cats, and it can be sprayed on toys, teasers, scratchers, or cat condos to provide a burst of playful energy. It is also convenient to use as there is no mess or cleanup required.

Best For: Training and redirecting bad behaviors.


#6 – From The Field FFC301 1-Ounce Catnip Spray Rejuvenator

The From The Field FFC301 1-Ounce Catnip Spray Rejuvenator is a catnip spray that is made in the USA and is designed to rejuvenate old cat toys. It can also be used as a training tool for cat beds and scratching posts. The spray is made with catnip essential oil and water and is safe for both cats and kittens.

Best For: Rejuvenating old cat toys and training cats.


#7 – Multipet Catnip Garden Mist Spray Toy, 4 oz

The Multipet Catnip Garden Mist Spray Toy is a 4 oz spray that acts as an attractant for cats. It can be sprayed on toys, scratchers, bedding, and more, providing a neater alternative to traditional catnip flakes while offering the same level of effectiveness. This North American-made product is all-natural and serves as a great source of stimulation for cats.


Best For: Cats in need of stimulation and play


#8 – OurPetsFrisky Spritz Catnip Spray 2 ounce

The OurPets Frisky Spritz Catnip Spray is a 2-ounce bottle containing pure catnip oil that can be used to renew the scent of catnip on toys and scratchers. This non-toxic product encourages playful behavior in cats and is a convenient way to stimulate their interest in toys and scratching posts. Best for: Renewing catnip scent on toys and scratchers.


What Should I Look for When Choosing a Catnip Spray?

When choosing a catnip spray, it’s essential to consider various aspects to ensure that the product is both effective and safe for your cat. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

Quality of Ingredients

The first and foremost consideration should be the quality of the catnip used in the spray. Look for products that use organic or high-quality catnip free from pesticides or harmful chemicals. Some reputable brands provide information about the nepetalactone content, which is the active compound in catnip that elicits a response from cats.


Potency varies between products, so you’ll want to choose a spray that has a good reputation for being effective. User reviews and recommendations can be useful here, as can the concentration of the active ingredients listed on the label.


Make sure the product is made from non-toxic, pet-safe ingredients. Check for any additional additives or preservatives that could be harmful to your cat. It’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian if you’re uncertain about the safety of a particular product.


Some catnip sprays are formulated for specific purposes, such as encouraging scratching on posts or marking territory. However, a versatile spray that can be used on toys, bedding, and scratchers might offer more value for your money.

Longevity and Storage

Check the shelf life of the product and any storage instructions to maximize its lifespan. While sprays generally have a longer shelf life than fresh or dried catnip, they can still lose potency over time.

Brand Reputation

A reputable brand is more likely to produce a high-quality, safe product. Look for companies that specialize in pet care and have received positive reviews from both customers and experts in the field.

By considering these factors, you’ll be well-equipped to choose a catnip spray that will provide both enjoyment and safety for your feline friend.


Frequently Asked Questions About Catnip Sprays

1. What is catnip spray, and how does it differ from other forms of catnip?

Catnip spray is a liquid form of catnip that contains the essential oils and compounds that make the herb appealing to cats. Unlike dried catnip or catnip toys, the spray is a mess-free, convenient way to apply catnip to various surfaces. It’s ideal for refreshing old toys, sprucing up scratching posts, or attracting cats to designated areas.

2. Is catnip spray safe for my cat?

Generally, catnip sprays are safe and non-toxic for cats when used as directed. However, always read the ingredient list to ensure the product doesn’t contain harmful additives or preservatives. If you have any concerns, consult your veterinarian before introducing a new product into your pet’s environment.

3. How do I use catnip spray effectively?

To use catnip spray effectively, lightly mist the surface you want to attract your cat to, such as a toy, scratching post, or bedding. Allow a few moments for the spray to dry before introducing it to your cat. The scent should lure your cat and encourage interaction with the sprayed item.

4. Can I use catnip spray on any surface?

While catnip spray can be used on most surfaces, it’s essential to test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t stain or discolor the material. Avoid spraying it on surfaces that could be slippery when wet, like tile floors, to prevent accidental falls.

5. How often should I use catnip spray?

The frequency of use can depend on your cat’s reaction and the specific purpose for using the spray. For instance, if you’re trying to encourage the use of a new scratching post, you might spray it every few days until your cat consistently uses it. Always monitor your cat’s reaction to determine the optimal frequency.

6. Is catnip spray effective for all cats?

Catnip spray generally works on 50% to 75% of cats. The sensitivity to catnip is hereditary, and not all cats will have a reaction to it. Kittens under six months and senior cats may also have a reduced or non-existent response to catnip.

7. Can kittens use catnip spray?

Kittens under six months old generally do not respond to catnip, including catnip spray. After six months, you can introduce catnip spray in a controlled manner and observe your kitten’s reaction. Always consult your veterinarian for age-appropriate recommendations.

8. Can catnip spray be used for training?

Yes, catnip spray can be an effective training tool. For example, spraying it on a scratching post can encourage your cat to scratch there instead of on furniture. Similarly, spraying it on a bed or carrier can make those areas more appealing to your cat.

9. How long does the effect of the catnip spray last?

The longevity of the catnip spray’s effectiveness can vary depending on the brand and the cat’s individual response. Generally, the aroma and allure can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. You may need to reapply the spray as the scent fades.

10. Where can I buy catnip spray?

Catnip sprays are widely available and can be purchased at pet stores, online retailers, and some veterinary clinics. When choosing a brand, look for products that are reputable and have high-quality, safe ingredients.


Conclusion: Best Catnip Sprays

Selecting the best catnip spray involves considering several factors, such as the quality of ingredients, potency, and safety protocols of the brand. Through this guide, we have sifted through the myriad of options available, honing in on those that provide the best sensory experience for your cat while ensuring a safe and stimulating environment. Whether you’re looking to enhance playtime, make your cat’s scratching post more appealing, or simply offer a new sensory experience, choosing the right catnip spray can be a game-changer in your feline’s quality of life. Armed with this knowledge, you’re now well-equipped to choose a catnip spray that will bring joy and enrichment to your cat’s day-to-day activities.