7 Best Cat Tracker Products For Added Safety

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
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| Published on June 28, 2023
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Cat tracker products are growing in popularity because our feline friends tend to wander when given the chance. Cat parents worry about their four-legged family members’ safety and whereabouts if they escape the house or wander too far.

There are plenty of methods to prevent cats from getting loose, but a cat tracker can give you better peace of mind. In this article, we’ll discuss what to look for in a cat tracker while also reviewing the best trackers to help you make your decision.

Cat wearing GPS collar outside

Buyer’s Guide: Cat Tracker

Cat trackers work great if you have a hard time finding your furry friend. They allow you to check your cat’s location and set a safe space so you’ll be alerted if they leave the boundary.

There’s a variety of cat tracking collars on the market, so it can be tricky to settle on the perfect one. Focusing on the following aspects can help you make your decision.

Technology Used

Cat trackers use different technologies, such as GPS, radio frequency, and Bluetooth. GPS trackers are great for cats that wander far, but they often require a data plan. Radio frequency trackers are usually accurate and don’t require a data plan, but their range may be limited compared to GPS. Bluetooth trackers are generally more affordable but offer the shortest range.


Consider your cat’s habits and the area where you live. If you have an adventurous feline that’s likely to roam far, you’ll need a tracker with a long range, usually a GPS-based one. If your cat stays relatively close to home, a Bluetooth or RF tracker might suffice. Yet, larger ranges are typically better if a cat gets lost.

Size and Comfort

Choose a tracker that’s lightweight and comfortable for your cat to wear. A bulky tracker can bother your cat and may make them attempt to remove it. Also, make sure the tracker either easily attaches to your cat’s collar or comes with a collar that fits on your cat’s neck.

Battery Life

A cat tracker with a long battery life will require less frequent charging or battery changes. Some trackers provide a battery life of a few days, while others can last several months. Most trackers will alert you when the battery is low, but you may also want to set up a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget to change it regularly.


Your cat’s tracker needs to be able to withstand their adventures, especially if they spend time outside. Look for waterproof options to ensure that nothing disrupts the tracker’s ability to function.

Special Features

Many trackers offer extra features like geofencing, which allows you to set up a safe area for your cat and alerts you if they leave that space. Some also offer health tracking, which provides insights into your cat’s activity levels and behavior. If you have more than one cat, you should keep an eye out for a product that can track more than one pet at a time.

Cost and Subscriptions

Some trackers may appear affordable upfront but require monthly or annual subscriptions for full functionality. Be sure to consider the total cost over time when comparing options. A GPS cat tracker is more likely to require a subscription plan than other products will.

Cat with location collar

Best Cat Tracker Products

GPS Cat Trackers

1. Tractive GPS Cat Tracker
  • Subscription plans start at $5 per month
  • Works in over 175 countries globally
  • Includes live tracking and location history
  • Allows you to create safe zones
  • 100% waterproof

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker is a standout product designed to monitor the location of your feline companion in real-time. It’s renowned for its extensive coverage, with service in over 175 countries globally. The device is lightweight and designed to fit comfortably on your cat’s collar without causing any discomfort. One of its distinguishing features is the geofence functionality, which allows you to designate a safe area for your cat. If your cat wanders outside of this defined area, you’ll receive immediate alerts on your phone. Also, it’s water-resistant, making it durable even if your cat loves to explore in various weather conditions. However, you need to get a subscription plan, which starts at $5 per month and has a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

2. Whistle GO Explore GPS Pet Tracker
  • Requires an annual subscription
  • Provides an overview of your cat's health and behavior
  • Sends alerts if your cat leaves the safe area
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in night light

Also available at Petco

The Whistle GO Explore GPS Pet Tracker is more than just a location-tracking device. It offers a comprehensive overview of your cat’s health and behavior in addition to keeping tabs on their whereabouts. The device monitors behaviors like scratching, licking, sleeping, and calorie burn, providing valuable insights into your cat’s well-being. Using GPS technology, the Whistle GO Explore can track your pet in real time and sends alerts if your furry friend leaves a designated safe area. It’s also waterproof and has a built-in night light for added safety. Plus, with a battery life of up to 20 days on a single charge, it ensures continuous tracking and health monitoring for your feline companion.

3. Jiobit Smallest GPS Tracker for Cats and Dogs
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Set up safe zones
  • Water-resistant
  • Choose between a monthly or annual subscription

The Jiobit Smallest GPS Tracker for Cats and Dogs offers advanced tracking features in an impressively compact design. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable for pets, this tracker uses a combination of GPS, cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology to provide real-time location updates and history. A standout feature is the device’s ability to set geofences, with the system alerting you if your pet steps outside the designated safe area. Furthermore, this product is water-resistant and tamper-proof, ensuring it stays secure on adventurous pets. When setting it up, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription plan.

Bluetooth Cat Trackers

4. Cat Tailer Cat Tracker
  • Connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth
  • 328-foot range
  • Waterproof device
  • 6-month battery life
  • Small, lightweight tracker tag

The Cat Tailer Cat Tracker is an affordable and efficient solution for pet parents who want to keep track of their cats, especially those that don’t wander far from home. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone and alert you when your cat goes beyond the defined range, which is approximately 328 feet in clear line of sight. Although it lacks GPS functionality, this cat collar tracker makes up for it with its compact design, which is more comfortable for cats. The device is waterproof and boasts a robust battery life of six months, ensuring it can withstand the adventurous escapades of your cat while requiring minimal maintenance.

Radio Frequency Cat Trackers

5. TabCat Homing Tags Cat Tracker
  • No monthly subscription needed
  • Location accuracy is always within an inch
  • Visual and audio cues help you find your cat
  • Not affected by obstacles
  • Small and lightweight

The TabCat Homing Tags Cat Tracker is an innovative and reliable tracking device that operates using radio frequency technology, ensuring accuracy within an inch. Unlike GPS-based trackers, the TabCat’s efficiency is not affected by obstacles like walls, doors, or furniture, making it particularly handy for locating indoor cats or those hiding in tricky places. The device is lightweight and compact, making it easy and comfortable for your cat to wear on their collar. The tracker comes with a handheld device that guides you with visual and audio cues to your cat’s exact location. Plus, this system doesn’t require a monthly subscription like some of its competitors.

6. Giarfus Cat Trackers RF Finder
  • Sells sets with up to four tags
  • Uses visual and audio signals to help you find your cat
  • 500-meter range
  • Not affected by obstacles
  • No subscription needed

    The Girafus Cat Tracker RF Finder is a notable device that utilizes radio frequency technology to precisely locate your feline friends. Unlike GPS trackers, its performance is not compromised by obstructions like doors, walls, or trees, which makes it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor tracking. The tracker consists of a handheld locator and lightweight tags that attach comfortably to your cat’s collar. With a range of up to 500 meters, this product can track up to four pets simultaneously, making it a practical solution for multi-pet households. Its ability to direct you to your cat’s exact location via visual and auditory signals adds to its appeal for pet owners. Plus, there’s no subscription service needed.

    7. Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring
    • No subscription fees
    • Range of up to 2 miles
    • Waterproof system
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Can be expanded for up to three pets

    The Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring System is an exceptional pet tracker that utilizes radio frequency technology for precise location tracking. One of its primary advantages is that it operates independently of cellular networks, so it doesn’t require monthly subscription fees. Thus, it’s an economical choice in the long run. It can provide accurate tracking within a range of up to two miles in ideal conditions, making it suitable for pets that have lots of space to roam. The device is also capable of tracking multiple pets at once, providing a simple and reliable solution for households with more than one furry friend. This system is also rugged and waterproof, offering durable protection for adventurous pets.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How Does a Cat Tracker Work?

        A cat tracker works by emitting a signal from a device attached to the cat’s collar, which is then detected by a receiver such as your smartphone or a dedicated handheld device. Depending on the type of tracker, it may use GPS, Bluetooth, or radio frequency technology. GPS trackers pinpoint your cat’s location using satellite data, while Bluetooth and radio frequency trackers determine proximity based on the strength of the signal between the tracker and receiver.

        Do Cat Trackers Require a Subscription?

        Not all cat trackers require a subscription. While many GPS cat trackers need a data plan, trackers that use Bluetooth or radio frequency usually don’t require any monthly or yearly fees. Check the product description to find out if there are additional fees involved before purchasing the tracker.

        How Long Does the Battery Last on a Cat Tracker?

        Battery life varies greatly among cat trackers, depending on the type of tracker and its features. Some batteries last a few days, while others can last several months. It’s important to regularly check and recharge or replace the battery as needed to keep the tracker functioning properly.

        Do Cat Trackers Monitor Health?

        Some advanced cat trackers include health and activity monitoring features. They can provide insights into your cat’s behavior, activity levels, sleep patterns, and more. Yet, those features aren’t a necessary part of a cat tracker.

        Can a Cat Tracker Help Find a Lost Cat?

        Yes, one of the main purposes of a cat tracker is to help locate a lost cat. The device can show you your cat’s location in real-time, helping you to find them more quickly and easily. You can also set up a safe space so you’ll be alerted if your cat ever leaves that boundary.

        What is Geofencing in Cat Trackers?

        Geofencing is a feature that allows you to set a designated safe area for your cat. If your cat leaves this area, the tracker will send you an alert. This feature can be very useful for preventing your cat from wandering too far.

        Cat entering door with tracking collar

        Final Thoughts

        Each of these cat trackers has unique features that cater to different needs. Some provide real-time tracking over long distances, while others are better for monitoring your cat’s health or are suited for pets that don’t travel far from home. When choosing a tracker, consider your cat’s habits, your living environment, and the specific features you want. A well-chosen cat tracker can provide peace of mind and help ensure your feline friend’s safety and well-being.

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