7 Best Cat Allergy & Itching Supplements

| Published on August 3, 2023

If your feline friend is constantly scratching or suffering from skin allergies, then this guide to the best cat allergy and itching supplements is for you. It can be distressing to see your cat in discomfort, and it’s important to understand that allergies and itchiness can be signs of underlying health issues. In this article, we’ll delve into the best supplements on the market that can help to alleviate these symptoms and contribute to your cat’s overall skin health.


#1 – Zesty Paws Cat Allergy Relief – Anti Itch Supplement – Omega 3 Probiotics for Dogs – Salmon Oil Digestive Health – Soft Chews for Skin & Seasonal Allergies – with Epicor Pets – Bacon – 60 Count

The Zesty Paws Cat Allergy Relief is an anti-itch supplement for cats that helps promote a healthy immune system response and supports digestive health. Each chew contains EpiCor Pets, L-Lysine, Astragalus Root, and Quercetin to support the cat’s immune system and overall health. These bacon-flavored chewable are loved by cats and are a great option for those looking to provide immune system support for their feline pets.

Best For: Cats with allergies and immune system support.


#2 – Pet Honesty Cat Immune Support Lysine – Cat Allergy Relief – Sneezing, Runny Nose, Watery Eyes – Cat Supplements & Vitamins with Omega 3s, L-Lysine, Antioxidants, Colostrum – Chicken (30 Day Supply)

The Pet Honesty Cat Immune Support Lysine is a cat supplement that promotes immune and respiratory health. It contains amino acids, prebiotics, antioxidants, and other premium ingredients like lysine, colostrum, and quercetin. The supplement is made in the USA with high-quality ingredients and is free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Best For: Cat allergy relief and immune system support.


#3 – iHeartDogs Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats – Nourishing Skin & Coat Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs Supports Allergy & Itch Relief, Heart Health and Joint Health – 32 oz

The iHeartDogs Salmon Oil is a single-ingredient omega fatty acid source that supports a healthy immune system, heart health, and joint health and promotes healthy skin and coat for dogs and cats. It provides dynamic health support including allergy and itchy skin relief and aids in pain and mobility support. The salmon oil is sustainable, traceable, and made without GMOs or additives, and for every purchase, 12 meals are provided for shelter dogs.

Best For: Supporting overall cat health and nourishing skin and coat.


#4 – NaturVet – Aller-911 Allergy Aid Plus Antioxidants For Cats – 60 Soft Chews | Supports Immune System, Skin Moisture & Respiratory Health | Enhanced With Omegas, DHA & EPA | 30 Day Supply

This product, NaturVet – Aller-911 Allergy Aid Plus Antioxidants For Cats, is designed to support the immune system, skin moisture, and respiratory health of cats. It is enriched with natural antioxidants, omegas, DHA, and EPA to promote a normal immune system and maintain proper skin moisture and respiratory health. It comes in soft chew form and is recommended for cats over the age of 12 weeks.

Best For: Supporting immune system, skin moisture, and respiratory health. (Best overall)


#5 – Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats – Healthy Skin & Coat, Fish Oil, Omega 3 EPA DHA, Liquid Food Supplement for Pets, All Natural, Supports Joint & Bone Health, Natural Allergy & Inflammation Defense, 8 oz

Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats is a liquid food supplement that supports healthy skin and coats in pets. It contains essential omega-3 fatty acids that can help with dry skin, itching, flaking, shedding, and allergies. Salmon oil also promotes joint and bone health, reducing inflammation and supporting a healthy immune system. The product is sustainably sourced and made in the USA.

Best For: Healthy skin and coat for pets.


#6 – Licks Pill-Free Cat Skin and Allergy – Omega 3 Cat Allergy Relief – Cat Vitamins & Supplements for Itchy Skin – Turmeric Supplement for Cat Skin – Gel Packets – 10 Use

Licks Pill-Free Cat Skin and Allergy is a product that provides omega-3 cat allergy relief and supports healthy cat skin. The gel packets contain a turmeric supplement that helps alleviate coat discomfort from dry skin. These cat liquid supplements are easy for cats to consume and are made with quality ingredients.

Best For: Easy-to-use gel packets for cats with skin allergies.


#7 – Dog Allergy Relief Freeze Dried Chews, with Probiotics, Colostrum for Immune Health, Anti Itch & Seasonal Allergies & Scratching, Omega 3 for Skin & Coat Health, Stop Pawlicking, Hot Spots, Shedding

This product is a dog allergy relief chew that contains probiotics, colostrum, and omega 3 to support immune health, reduce itching and scratching, and promote skin and coat health. It is made with key ingredients such as turmeric, quercetin, and bromelain, which have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. These chews also contain DHA and EPA from premium fish oil and flaxseed oil to nourish the dog’s skin and coat.

Best For: Allergy relief and immune support for dogs.


What Ingredients Can Help My Cat’s Allergies and Itching?

There are several ingredients known to help reduce allergies and itching in cats. Here are some of them:

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and can be found in fish oils. They can help to reduce skin inflammation and itching caused by allergies.
  2. Quercetin: A natural antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables, quercetin has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects that can help alleviate symptoms of allergies in cats.
  3. Biotin: This B vitamin helps support healthy skin and can reduce itching and dryness.
  4. Probiotics: Probiotics can help support gut health, which in turn can influence skin health and the cat’s immune response, helping manage allergic reactions.
  5. Digestive Enzymes: These can help cats digest their food more efficiently, reducing potential allergens in the food that might trigger an allergic reaction.
  6. Vitamin E: This vitamin is essential for skin health and can help soothe inflamed skin.

Remember, always consult with a veterinarian before introducing new supplements to your cat’s diet to ensure they are safe and beneficial for your specific pet’s needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About Allergy & Itch Supplements for Cats

  1. Q: What are the common symptoms of allergies in cats? A: Common symptoms of allergies in cats include excessive scratching, biting, or licking, inflamed skin, sneezing, watery eyes, and vomiting or diarrhea. If these symptoms persist, it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian to identify the underlying cause.
  2. Q: Can allergy supplements replace prescription medication for my cat’s allergies? A: No, allergy supplements can support the overall wellness of your cat’s skin and coat but should not replace prescribed medications. Always consult your veterinarian before introducing any supplements, as they can guide you on the best approach based on your cat’s specific condition.
  3. Q: How do Omega-3 fatty acids help with cat allergies? A: Omega-3 fatty acids, typically found in fish oils, have anti-inflammatory properties. These can reduce skin inflammation and itching caused by allergies, supporting a healthier coat and skin.
  4. Q: Are there any side effects to giving my cat allergy supplements? A: While most allergy supplements are designed to be safe for cats, they can have potential side effects or interactions with other medications. It’s always best to consult with a veterinarian before introducing a new supplement into your cat’s diet.
  5. Q: How long will it take to see improvements in my cat’s allergies after giving supplements? A: The time frame for noticeable improvement can vary depending on the specific allergy, supplement, and individual cat. It may take several weeks of consistent use to see significant changes.
  6. Q: Can I give human allergy supplements to my cat? A: No, human supplements may contain ingredients or dosages that are not suitable for cats. Always use products specifically designed for cats, and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or your veterinarian.
  7. Q: Can food allergies in cats be managed with supplements? A: While supplements can support overall skin health, they are not a cure for food allergies. Identifying and removing the allergen from the cat’s diet is the primary method of managing food allergies, and a veterinarian can assist with this process.
  8. Q: What’s the difference between allergies and itching due to fleas? A: While both allergies and flea infestations can cause itching, flea infestations are typically associated with visible fleas or flea dirt on the cat’s skin. Allergies may be triggered by various factors like food, pollen, or dust. A veterinarian can help diagnose the specific cause.
  9. Q: Can I use allergy supplements as a preventative measure for my cat? A: Allergy supplements may be used to support overall skin and coat health, but they are not designed to prevent allergies. It’s best to discuss your cat’s specific needs with a veterinarian to determine an appropriate preventative strategy.
  10. Q: Are allergy and itch supplements suitable for kittens? A: Some supplements may be suitable for kittens, but it’s essential to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer or consult with a veterinarian. Kittens have specific nutritional needs, and inappropriate supplementation can lead to imbalances.


Conclusion: Best Cat Allergy & Itching Supplements

We hope this article has provided you with useful insights into the world of cat allergy and itching supplements. It’s crucial to remember that while supplements can indeed assist in managing your cat’s allergies and itching, they should be part of a comprehensive healthcare plan advised by your vet. Not all cats react the same way to certain supplements, so it’s best to consult with a vet before adding anything new to your cat’s diet. Your cat’s comfort and well-being are paramount, and with the right care and supplements, your feline companion can live a healthy, itch-free life.