10 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Products To Make Mealtime Easy

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
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| Published on May 17, 2023
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Your cat likely remembers their meal times better than you, so using an automatic cat feeder can help you ensure they’re always fed on time. If the bowl pours itself every time they get a meal, they will likely wait near the feeder instead of pestering you to fill their bowl. It can make the feeding routine much easier for both you and your feline companion.

Since automatic cat feeders are so popular, there are a lot of options to choose from. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best pet feeders so you can decide which one will work best for you. If you have more than one cat in your household, there are even products that pour two bowls at once.

Colorful cat by automatic feeder

Best Automatic Cat Feeder Products

1. Granary Automatic Feeder
  • Allows for scheduling up to 4 meals a day
  • Precise portion control
  • Built-in voice recorder & LCD screen
  • Powered by either a wall outlet or batteries
  • Holds up to 4 liters of food

The PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder stands out as a reliable, user-friendly solution for feeding your cat, whether you’re away from home or simply prefer automated feeding schedules. Its precise portion control and customizable feeding times ensure your pet maintains a healthy diet and eating habits. The built-in voice recorder allows you to leave personalized messages for your cat, adding a comforting touch during meal times. Though there may be a slight learning curve with programming, the LCD screen and intuitive design make setup and adjustments fairly straightforward. Overall, it’s a dependable feeder that combines the convenience of automation with the reassurance of personalization.

2. PetSafe 5 Meal Cat Food Dispenser
  • Five compartments to hold food
  • Each compartment holds one cup of dry or semi-moist food
  • You can put different types of food or treats in each compartment
  • It works well for weight management
  • Removable tray is machine-washable

Also available at Petco

This simple cat meal dispenser allows you to pour one meal for your cat while preparing four others for later. Each compartment can hold up to a cup of dry or semi-moist food, so it’s one of the few feeders that allow you to mix wet food with dry food. When it’s time for more food to be served, the feeder will rotate so the next serving will be revealed. If you want to feed a meal early, you can press the “feed now” button without messing up the regular schedule. It’s a great option for managing your pet’s weight because it allows you to schedule smaller meals throughout the day. The removable tray is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

3. Cat Mate C500 5 Meal Automatic Cat Feeder
  • Comes with three or five food compartments
  • Holds dry, wet, or fresh food
  • Comes with two ice packs to keep food cool
  • Bowl and lid are dishwasher-safe
  • Pet-proof opening mechanism prevents cats from stealing extra food

Also available at Petco

This product is a similar design to the PetSafe 5 Meal Dispenser. You can choose one that has five compartments for small portions or three compartments for large portions. It can hold either dry or wet food, and it comes with two cooling ice packs to keep wet or fresh food cool before it’s given to your cat. The lid and bowl are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean. It uses three AAA batteries, and it has an indicator light to let you know the status of the batteries. The feeder requires two hands to open it to prevent cats from accessing the extra food.

4. Whisker Feeder-Robot Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Higher-end feeder due to longevity and unique features
  • Uses Wi-Fi and can be controlled through a phone app
  • Feeder prevents jams and comes with a backup battery
  • Holds 32 cups of dry or semi-moist cat food
  • Dispenses food up to eight times per day

The Whisker Automatic Pet Feeder is a higher-end option because of its longevity and unique features. It needs Wi-Fi to function, and it can be controlled either via the monitor or through a phone app. With the app, you can track your cat’s eating habits no matter where you are. The feeder is built to prevent jams by detecting when food gets stuck. It also comes with a backup battery to ensure that your furry friend never misses meals. It can hold up to 32 cups of dry or semi-moist cat food. The feeder dispenses the food in 1/8-cup increments, and food can be dispensed up to eight times per day. It’s made with BPA-free plastics and chew-resistant cords to keep your feline safe.

5. WOPET Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Pet Feeder
  • Relies on Wi-Fi and uses a phone app
  • Holds up to 6 liters of food
  • Dispenses up to 15 meals per day and 50 portions
  • Good for weight management
  • Add personalized voice message

This is another feeder that relies on Wi-Fi, so you can use an app to program your cat’s meals no matter where you are. It can dispense up to 15 meals per day, which can consist of up to 50 portions. The food storage compartment can hold up to 6 liters of food. It helps with weight management since you can dispense several smaller meals throughout the day instead of one big one. It can be plugged into the wall or battery-powered. You can also record a message for your pet to let them know that it’s mealtime even if you’re not home. You can choose if you want the exterior to be white or black.

6. PetSafe SmartFeed Electronic Pet Feeder
  • Controlled through an app on your phone
  • Up to 12 meals per day with servings of up to 4 cups
  • Holds up to 24 cups
  • Jam-free conveyor technology
  • Lid, bowl, and bowl holder are dishwasher-safe

Also available at Petco

This PetSafe product is controlled using an app on your phone, so you can control your cat’s portions no matter where you are. You will also get a notification every time the feeder is running low and whenever there’s an error. You can schedule up to 12 meals per day, as long as they’re between 1/8 cup and 4 cups. It makes it easy to dispense one meal in smaller portions throughout the day to help with your cat’s weight management. The feeder holds up to 24 cups and uses a conveyor to prevent jams. There’s also a backup battery to ensure your cat always gets their meals. The lid, bowl, and bowl holder can be put on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

7. Faroro Automatic Cat Feeder
  • Up to four meals and 39 portions per day
  • Holds 7 liters of food
  • Infrared detection checks for stuck food
  • Add personalized messages
  • Lid locks tightly

The buttons for this cat automatic feeder are on the top, making it less likely for your cat to accidentally press them. You can set up to four meals and 39 portions per day. Overall, the feeder holds 7 liters of food. When it dispenses the food, you can choose to have it play a customizable message to let your cat know it’s time to eat. It can be plugged into the wall or use batteries, and the lid has a tight lock to prevent curious kitties from reaching the food inside. It uses infrared detection to make sure no food is stuck in the opening.

8. PortionPro Rx Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Feeder only opens for certain pets
  • Prevents greedy pets from stealing another pet's food
  • Holds up to 32 cups of food
  • Delivers up to six meals and six cups per day
  • Collar tag batteries are easy to replace

The PortionPro Rx Feeder is a unique option because it only allows a certain pet to access the food. It comes with tags to put on your pets’ collars, and the bowl’s cover will only open if the pet with that tag approaches the food. It will stay open until a pet with a different collar approaches, then it will close. The batteries on the collars are easy to replace. So, if you have a greedy pet in the house, it can ensure they don’t steal your other pet’s food. It holds 32 cups of food, and it can serve your cat up to six meals per day. Per day, your feline can receive between 1/2 cup and 6 cups, depending on what you set it to.

    Best Automatic Cat Feeders for Multiple Cats

    9. Granary Dual Food Tray
    • Dual compartments for simultaneous serving
    • Timed feeding for scheduled meals
    • Effective insulation to keep food fresh
    • Easy to clean & dishwasher-safe
    • Compact design & user-friendly interface

    The Granary Dual Food Tray offers a practical solution for feeding your cats, particularly if you have multiple cats. Its two compartments allow for meal diversity and it maintains freshness, ensuring your cat always receives delicious and healthy meals. The programming interface is user-friendly and the timed feeding options cater to a variety of feeding routines. Despite its dual functionality, the design remains compact and minimalist, fitting seamlessly into most home decors. Overall, it’s a smart addition to any cat parent’s collection, serving as a reliable feeder that can cater to your kitty’s specific dietary needs.

    10. WellToBe Automatic Cat Feeder for Two Cats
    • Splitter to feed two cats at once
    • Can be converted into a single-cat feeder
    • Holds up to 4 liters
    • Dispenses up to 6 meals and 48 portions per day
    • Uses an infrared detector to sense when food is stuck

    If you have two cats, it doesn’t make sense to purchase two separate feeders. So, with this product, you can serve two pets side by side. It has a two-way splitter that portions the meals equally for both cats. Thus, it only works well if both cats have the same diet. If you want to switch it to a one-cat feeder, you can remove the splitter and extra bowl to do so. It holds up to 4 liters of food, and you can program up to 6 meals and 48 portions per day. It has an infrared detector to sense when the food gets stuck. An alert light will turn on to let you know when the food is low or when an error occurs.

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    Buyer’s Guide for the Best Automatic Cat Feeder

    All the cat feeders in this article are great options, but every cat parent has different preferences. Here are some features to consider.

    Control Options

    Some feeders allow you to control them from a distance using an app while others only have controls on the feeder. If you want to be able to check and adjust the feeding schedule when you’re not home, then the first option is likely the one for you. However, if you’re worried about Wi-Fi troubles interrupting the feeder, then you may want the second option.


    No matter what, you’ll have to refill the food regularly. So, it’s up to you to decide how often you want to refill it. Some feeders only hold a few meals at a time while others hold up to 7 or 8 liters. If you’re serving wet or fresh food, a feeder with a small tray will be the best choice, but if you’re only serving dry food, you can choose as big of a feeder as you want.

    Number of Cats

    If you have more than one cat, you’ll probably want a feeder that can serve two felines at once. Yet, if each cat has a unique diet, you may want to consider getting feeders that only give access to a certain cat to ensure that neither cat eats the other’s food.

    Safety Features

    Finally, safety is a priority with any pet product. The biggest concern with cat feeders is cats getting into the extra food. So, the feeder should have a secure lock that isn’t easy for pets to pull off. The feeder should also have a system to prevent food from getting stuck so your furry friend never has to go hungry.

    Cat waiting for food to dispense

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does an Automatic Cat Feeder Work?

    Automatic cat feeders work by dispensing food at the times you program. Depending on the product, you should be able to program those times on the feeder’s control panel or a phone app. You’ll need to refill the feeder whenever it gets low to ensure your cat always has enough food for their meals.

    Can Multiple Cats Share the Same Automatic Feeder?

    Yes, more than one cat can eat out of the same feeder. For multi-cat households, there are feeders with two bowls to ensure that both cats get enough to eat. Having a feeder with two bowls is more comfortable for most cats than having to share a bowl.

    How Much Food Can an Automatic Cat Feeder Hold?

    It depends on the feeder, but they typically hold between 4 and 8 liters. However, some only hold a few meals at a time to make them more suitable for wet or fresh food.

    What are the Benefits of an Automatic Cat Feeder?

    Automatic cat feeders are beneficial because they ensure that your cat always gets their meals on time, even when you’re not home. They allow you to program meals in advance, even if it’s several small meals throughout the day for weight management. Plus, the feeder can help you get better sleep because your cat won’t need to wake you up to get their food.

    Can You Use Wet Food in an Automatic Cat Feeder?

    Yes, there are some automatic wet food cat feeders, but they’re not common. If the feeder pours food into the bowl, it likely won’t work for wet food. Yet, feeders with rotating trays usually work well for wet or fresh food because it won’t be as messy and you may be able to insert a cold pack to preserve freshness.

    Cat eating from automatic feeder


    Final Thoughts

    An automatic cat feeder can make any cat parent’s life easier. You’ll no longer have to worry about rushing home to feed your feline or get woken up by a meowing cat at the crack of dawn. However, not all feeders are created equal, so consider all the options listed before choosing the best one for you and your cat.

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