Frozen-Solid Kitten Was Held Up To Car Vents To Defrost Her Stiff Body

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 20, 2024

It was a cold day when Bagel and her siblings were found in some shrubs by a woman walking her dog. The newborn kittens were frozen solid, and they needed help fast. Nikki Martinez and her family didn’t waste any time – they drove straight to the location from California and picked up the tiny felines, holding them up in front of their car’s vents to warm them up. The kittens had never had a chance to be with their mother, and at just one day old, their survival was uncertain. But the foster family was determined to give them a chance. They were especially worried when Bagel stopped eating, her weight drastically going down. It was then that they decided to start tube feeding her, a scary but necessary process.

In the middle of the night, as Nikki tube-fed Bagel, she promised that if the kitten made it, they would have the biggest party. And so, the family persisted, trying the bottle every day to see if it would work. One day, it did. Bagel was eating on her own, and her foster mom couldn’t be more excited. After that milestone, the family celebrated every achievement the kittens made – when their eyes opened, when they gained weight, and even when they started grooming themselves. Each milestone was a victory they didn’t know if the kittens would ever reach.

Spud, Bagel’s brother, grew into a feisty and handsome little guy. Pancake, their sister, became a total lap kitten, destined to never leave her future family’s lap. And Bagel, the little kitten that fought so hard to live, became a loving and affectionate companion. The foster family knew that saying goodbye would be hard, but they also knew that it was necessary. They had to let the kittens go so that they could open their home to others in need. And so, with bittersweet tears, they prepared for the kittens’ adoption day.

As Bagel and her siblings went to their forever homes, the foster family’s hearts may have broken just a little, but they knew it was worth it. They had given these kittens a chance at life, and they couldn’t be prouder of the progress they’d made.

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