5 Reasons PrettyLitter is the Best Cat Litter

When it comes to kitty litter, pet parents want a product that is easy to use, keeps things clean, and has solid odor control. If you are still using clumping store bought litter, it’s time to up your kitty litter game. PrettyLitter offers cats and their parents a brand new way to take care of kitty business with less mess, no odor, and ultimate convenience. On top of that, it helps pet parents keep tabs on their cat’s health. There … Read more

Mass Killing of Feral Cats Sparks Outrage in Australia and Beyond

WARNING: SOME IMAGES ARE DISTURBING!! Australia aims to cull the feral cat population, reducing it dramatically by 2 million cats by the year 2020. Announced in 2015, the ‘animal genocide’ recently began in full force and the methods being employed are, understandably, sending shockwaves through leagues of animal lovers around the world. Sausage Laced with 1080 Developed by David Algar, Ph.D., principal research scientist for the state of Western Australia, Eradicat is a sausage formulated specifically to be appealing to cats … Read more

BasePaws Gets Deal on “Shark Tank” Proving Cats Can Swim with Sharks!

Big cat, BasePaws, is now swimming with not one, but two sharks. Basepaws recently appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” where they made a deal with two heavy-hitting Sharks, Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec. They announced the great news in a press release that they had received a $250,000 investment after several Sharks vied for a piece of the hugely promising biotech company. According to the release, “Investors Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary ultimately agreed to a joint investment, with each contributing … Read more

The First Ever At-Home Cat Genetics Test

Cat lovers rejoice. DNA testing is now available for cats, and it’s pretty pawsome! While canine DNA tests have been around since 2007, feline science, widely understudied and underfunded, has been lagging behind. Thanks to Basepaws, we’re now able to reveal the secrets hidden within feline DNA and get to know our cats on a whole new level. Basepaws Cat DNA test is a novel approach to cat DNA testing which reveals your cat’s background, origins and ultimately health predispositions. The … Read more

Volunteers Wanted: Must Want To Drink Wine And Feed Shelter Cats

Love Cats. Drink Wine. What could be more relaxing than spending some quality with your cat? Maybe adding a glass of wine and feeding shelter cats. Great news! iHeartsCats is excited to announce our new partnership with Winc (pronounced wink). What’s Winc, you ask? It’s just quite possibly the best way to enjoy a glass of wine without ever having to leave home. Plus, with your Winc order 25 meals will be donated to shelter cats. Even better, Winc is … Read more

This Kitty Litter Could Save Your Cat’s Life

The litter box in your house might have a bad reputation, but a new name in kitty litter is changing everything pet parents know about how to keep cats healthy. PrettyLitter is the official litter sponsor of iHeartcats, and their revolutionary kitty litter is not only affecting how people view litter boxes, it’s also saving lives and keeping families together. Before PrettyLitter, cat litter was often thought of as a necessary evil. A hassle. Large, heavy bags. The dusty mess. And the odor. Thankfully, … Read more