Here’s Why Your Cat Deserves “I and love and you” This Christmas

The holiday season is right around the corner, so it is time to start finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, especially your furry family members! Your cat deserves some of the most loving and thoughtful gifts possible. They need to be given something that they will love for years to come and something that will keep them happy and healthy! iHeartCats has partnered with “I and love and you” which is a cat food company that’s all about … Read more

You Eat Well For the Holidays, So Your Cat Should Too!

The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy delicious meals with your friends and family. Many people look forward to this season simply because of the yummy food. It is a perfect opportunity to have a nice dinner with all your loved ones, and of course, that includes your kitty! So, while you’re getting ready to have an extravagant feast, this may also be the perfect time to switch your cat to a much healthier and tastier food! iHeartCats … Read more

Choosing Food That Perfectly Fits Your Cat’s Needs

When it comes to finding food for your cat, the number of options available can be overwhelming. Many of the foods you come across might not even appeal to your cat, let alone be healthy for them. Finding the perfect food doesn’t have to be a nightmare though. Thanks to “I and love and you”, the ideal cat food has been created. Not only is it tasty and healthy for your cat, but it also includes plenty of variety in … Read more

Cats Freak Out When Their Parents Use Cat-Face Filters

Oftentimes, we wonder if cats actually know what they look like and if they recognize themselves in the mirror. Luckily, a new viral video might finally prove that they do! On the popular app called TikTok, there is a new filter that turns your face into a rather creepy-looking cat. While this filter might be amusing to us, cats just don’t seem to have the same reaction. A hilarious video was recently posted showing multiple cats reacting to this new … Read more

Cat Feeding: Scheduled Feeding Time or Free Feeding?

Feeding our cats is an important part of their daily care, however, the way this food is served is often overlooked. While cats might not need a set schedule like a dog would, they still need some type of feeding plan in order to obtain the appropriate amounts of calories and nutrients. iHeartCats has partnered with NomNomNow, and they have shared this beneficial information with us! Some cat parents stick to free feeding, others prefer scheduling specific meal times, and … Read more

You Helped This Lost Cat Find Her Way Home!

When you purchase items from the iHeartCats store, some of that sale is donated to Greater Good. Greater Good supports many cats in need, but it’s all thanks to the donations they receive. Thanks to customers like you, cats are able to have happy lives simply because of the money that’s been raised for them. One of these cats is a sweetheart named Ava. Ava is a loving cat that’s unfortunately been in at least 3 homes so far. She’s … Read more

Chaotic Cats Jump Inside Woman’s Car When She Leaves the Windows Open

Natasha Ryce and her teenage daughter, Jessica Ryce, were visiting Natasha’s parent’s 40-acre farm home. Jessica was planning to go horseback riding during her stay, but she had left her saddle in the car. So, when she went back to the car for it, she discovered that her mom had left the car windows open. They had only stepped away for a short period of time, but in those moments, some cats had climbed into the open windows, and it … Read more

Meet Potato: The Instagram-Famous Cat With Googly Eyes!

Two years ago, Ashley Norlien adopted an adorable cat named Potato. Like any cat parent, she was excited about her new furry friend, so she started taking photos of him and posting them on social media. Potato didn’t mind all the pictures and he happily adjusted to his new home with Norlien. However, Potato started becoming a social media star in no time, and the reason was simply because of his eyes! Potato’s eyes are very different than the eyes … Read more

Kitten Painted Red And Blue Is Rescued And Given Freedom

If someone has to surrender an animal, there is a certain way to do it. Dropping them outside the door when the shelter is closed for the day is not one of them. A poor kitten was left like this at a rural shelter in Arizona. The kitten was brought to the Arizona Animal Welfare League through their Rural Outreach program. Right away, they discovered that this poor kitten had been painted! The black and white kitten had red and … Read more

Cat Throws A Hissy Fit When His Mom Dresses As A Cat For Halloween

Cats can get angry over the silliest things sometimes, but this cat has a perfectly good excuse for being upset. With Halloween approaching, his mom had to pick the perfect costume. Since she is a cat lover, what could be better than a cute cat costume to match her cat? She was all dressed up and ready for the spooky holiday, but it turned out, her cat was not amused at all. “I was dressed up as a cat for … Read more