Ask A Vet: Why Are Cats Territorial?

We all know that cats can have issues with other cats. In fact, cats being territorial can create all sorts of unrest in a multi-cat household. Have you ever given thought as to why cats are this way? We know that cats are carnivores and by nature, and being a hunter means that food is in a limited supply. In my own veterinary hospital, great efforts are made to provide housing for cats that accounts for their territorial needs. Some … Read more

Why Does My Cat Trill?

Cat Communication Cats can communicate verbally in many ways. They can meow, purr, chatter or trill.  Cats have vocalizations that seem to have been tailored for use specifically for interaction with humans and not typically with other cats.  For example when scientist monitor interactions between adult feral cats, many of the sounds and vocalizations that are a part of our daily routine our cats never use. Unsocialized adult cats, living wild, might hiss or growl at one another, but seldom … Read more

5 Ways Your Cats Are Telling You They’re Unhappy

Our cats live with us and make us smile. We want to do the best we can for them, but since they don’t exactly speak the same language we do, sometimes it is hard to tell if they are truly happy. Here are some tips to help you “speak cat” and check the mental health of a cat in your life. 1. Cats that do nothing but lie around. Seems normal, right? Well, not exactly. Cats in a home can be … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Is Play Important For My Cat?

We all think play is fun, but did you know that play can actually improve your brain? It seems to be true for people and many other animals, including cats. We prioritize play for our human children – and it turns out we should as research indicates that children are happier and better adjusted if they have free play. Would it not stand to reason that play might also benefit our cats? Cats are not human, of course. They cannot … Read more

4 Things You Should Know About Your Cat’s Tail

Do you take your cat’s tail (or even his lack of a tail) for granted? What do you think her tail is for? Simple, right? As it turns out, there may be more to your cat’s tail than meets the eye. Never underestimate the complex miracle that your cat really is….from her head to her tail! 1. Tails are used as a communication tool The position of the tail has meaning to other cats (and to us, if we are … Read more

5 Causes Of Seizures In Cats

Seizures, or convulsions, are characterized by uncontrolled muscle movements. Cats can have seizures and they are an extremely alarming incident. Seizures in cats can vary in cause and severity. Affected animals will often seem “out of sorts” both immediately prior to and after the seizure event. They will usually seem unaware of their surroundings during the actual seizure, but the convulsions do not last very long (usually a minute or so). But to the cat owner, it is a very … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Are Male Calico Cats So Rare?

Calico cats are lovely and unique. Even more unique is the fact that they are nearly always female. I can take advantage of my knowledge of this to impress my clients by correctly guessing the gender of their cat from a distance! Although it can make me seem magical, science makes my skill much less impressive. Why are male calico so rare? To answer this question, we have to first examine what calico is and why any cat has this … Read more

Ask A Vet: Are Bed Bugs A Risk To My Cat Too?

Bed bugs are parasites infesting an environment. A single adult bed bug can live for 6 to 12 months, feeding on blood every 3 to 4 days. Females lay eggs continuously, and the critters can be found in the United States and Canada. Bed bugs usually prefer to bite humans, making itchy red bumps, but they can bite domestic pets as well. The bugs emerge at night to feed. Depending on the individual bitten, sometimes the bites do not produce … Read more

From The Vet: How The Flavor Of Your Cat’s Food Can Affect Their Health

We are so careful about what we feed to our cats. We want to do the best for them, so we give thought and consideration to the brand and ingredients in cat food. But did you ever consider that the flavor of the cat food could matter? Flavor seems like a insignificant factor for the health of cats and more of just a preference, but it turns out that it might matter more than we have thought! A study, published … Read more