Old Man Cat Comforts Shelter Kittens

Male cats often get a bad rap for being tough Toms who are wild and want little in the way of cuddling. Cat lovers disagree. Boy cats are just as lovey as their lady counterparts. Old Man Harrow proves this every minute of every day. And rather than being a crabby old man, he’s a sweet Gramps of a cat with much love for the stray kittens of Alley Cat Rescue. Harrow once had a home, but after his human … Read more

Kitten Killer Sentenced To One Year Behind Bars

People really can do the worst things. And sometimes the people who commit atrocities get what they deserve. At least in part. A convicted animal abuser is spending a year behind bars after he killed one kitten and injured another. An arrest warrant was issued for Andrew Gibbs of Fort Wayne, IN, after it was suspected he killed his roommate’s kitten and injured the other. Garan Galbreath reported being unable to find his two cats, 2-month-old April and 4-month-old Mei, … Read more

Cat Teaches Foster Kitten Cuddle Skills

Kittens are usually expert cuddle buddies, but a sick ginger baby had to learn the snuggle arts after his rough beginnings on the Los Angeles streets. Little Finn was found alone on the streets at only 6 weeks old. When taken in at Best Friends Animal Society, staff discovered the baby to be suffering from a respiratory infection and a severe one at that. He was in need of care, and while standoffish, the tiny tabby boy didn’t want to … Read more

Kitten Chooses Family, Crabby Tabby Makes Sure Baby Stays

Cats choose us. We may think we have a choice in bringing them into our homes, but truly, cats are in charge. Recently, a tiny ginger kitten illustrated this fact to a Long Beach, CA, family. Hard at work in his woodshop, Justin LaRose heard a meow for help and looked up to find a kitten trying his hardest to push through a screen door. The kitten was smeared with paint and his cry was desperate. Justin told LoveMeow, “Once … Read more

Chicks Dig Cool Cats

Oscar the cat is what you imagine when you think of the quintessential cat. He’s a grey tabby and delightfully chubby. Napping makes him happy. Food is an ultimate pleasure. And, he looks at the world like he’s bored. Unless he’s looking at his baby chicks. Yes, you read that right. His baby chicks. And this is where our view of cats goes sideways a bit when it comes to Oscar. We as cat lovers know the true depth of … Read more

Purple-Dyed, “Chew Toy” Kitten & Blind Cat Heal Together

At seven weeks old, kittens should only know love and security. At a time when a kitten should be discovering the world through play and mischievous adventures, Smurf experienced terror and pain at the hands of cruel humans. Dyed purple and covered in gaping injuries, the tiny kitten was found on the side of the road and taken to the San Jose Animal Shelter. Instead of euthanizing the sickly kitten, they contacted the Nine Lives Foundation of Redwood City, CA, … Read more

Woody The Kitten Receives Top Survivor Award After Horrific Attack

Last summer, Woody the cat was the victim of a gruesome attack. His family thought the tuxedo kitten wouldn’t survive. But Woody proved himself to be a warrior, overcoming the cruelty and pain inflicted by a monster. It was a summer evening near Battle, East Sussex, the windows open to let a fresh breeze into the Wood home. But there was an air of worry in the UK household. Woody, the family’s 5-month-old kitten, hadn’t returned from a trip outside. … Read more

Kitten Stuck To Glue Trap Is Almost Home, Forever

On Christmas Day, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha (HAWS) posted the story of Elmer, a tiny black kitten found stuck to a glue trap. When discovered, the scared kitten was alone and in need on the cold Wisconsin streets. In a Facebook post, HAWS described the little baby’s state as “very scared and disoriented…with a glue trap stuck to him!!” Once the poor kitten arrived in the care of HAWS, caretakers Brittany, Caitlin and Megan worked to remove … Read more

Alright Cat Lovers, Great Ready, It’s Kitten Bowl Time!

Are you ready for some kittens? Never mind all the hype surrounding some big football game scheduled for February 2nd, 2020. Cat lovers are too busy gearing up for the Hallmark Kitten Bowl VII. With over 100 kittens scheduled to take the field, you won’t want to miss this clash of cute. The kittens will be divided into four teams, each one vying for the Feline Football Championship. Which team will claim the top purrize? The Courageous Cougars, the Last … Read more

Handsome Cats & Their Famous Men

A good cat picture can make us take a break from whatever we’re doing and have a look. Who doesn’t love a photo of a kitty cat being adorably fluffy and whiskery? Now, add a handsome man to that cat photo and, well, we’re smashing that like button. Take a break and have a look this compilation of cute cats and the hot men holding them. You’ll enjoy celebrities who love their fur babies, some nice photo shoots of celebs … Read more