This One-eyed Cat Loves To Greet Customers In A Very Precious Way

This grocery store in New Zealand has an “employee” who likes to greet customers. Meet Diesel, the one-eyed cat who walks into this grocery store everyday and grabs the attention of customers. Staff are so amazed by this old cat so they gave him a special place to sit on. Diesel is not a stray cat and his owner only lives around the corner but he loves to hang out at the store. Watch the video below and witness this … Read more

Woman Adopts Cats With Hearing Loss And Teaches Them A New Language

Kim Silva was a teacher in American School For The Deaf. She herself has hearing loss, taught her cats to understand sign language. She also knew that one of her cats has hearing loss, so she trained them so they’d be ready! Incredibly, her cats can understand more that you think they can! She can tell her cats to stay through sign language and the sweet part is, her cats understand when she wants to dance! All her cats were … Read more

Cat Responds To His Human Like A Teenager Who Wants To Sleep In

Do you know how to tell if a person is truly a “cat person”? The video right here will give you a hint. This cat in the video is having his routine nap when his owner started to wake him up and talks to him. It’s sounds kind of like he’s saying “Mom, I want to sleep in!” Don’t let anyone tell you that your cat doesn’t talk back – show them this video! Check out the video below. We’re guessing it … Read more

Kittens Have No Problems Showing These Big Dogs Who Is Boss

Cats and dogs can either be good friends or worst enemies and we cannot deny how adorable they look when they’re together! However, they don’t always hangout nice all the time even… if it looks like they’re having a good time! The cats (or should we say, kittens) and dogs in this video are having a good time together until something goes wrong… and the stiny kitten must show them who’s boss! The funny part of it – the dogs can’t do anything … Read more

This Cat Wants Some Attention – What He Did Next Is The Sweetest! – P

Let’s be honest, guys. Cats are kind of selfish. Selfish in the way that they want our full attention ALL OF THE TIME! ☺ Not that I’m complaining or anything. But if you live with a cat, then you know how clingy they become and sometimes they can be pretty determined to get some belly rubs. The cat in this video is pretty persistent when it comes to getting what he wants. His daddy is on the computer but kitty … Read more

This Cafe In Tokyo Is Definitely A Cat Lover’s Paradise!

There are a lot of coffee bars and cafes out there, but if you’re cat lover then this cafe in Tokyo is definitely for you! This cafe definitely knows how to be unique as their main attraction is their collection of cats! Basically, cat cafes are for people who love cats but are unable to have a cat for themselves due to living conditions or apartment restrictions. A cafe like this is perfect for people who can’t live without cats! … Read more

Tough Guys Meeting Kittens–And Their Reactions Are Priceless!

Big men often prefer to have a pet that has similar characteristic as them – like a big dog perhaps. We ask them to give these little kittens a chance. We invited four men to visit some kittens at Kitty Bungalow Charm School and asked them to play with these kittens! Because they’re too manly, they didn’t know what to expect. However when they finally met the kitties, these big guys became very gentle with these precious kittens! One even pointed … Read more

A Sneaky Bengal Meets A Fluffy Persian Through A Glass Door!

Oh, the curiosity of a cat! It can get them into all sorts of situations. Thankfully, this isn’t anything crazy but it still is cute to watch! The moment they see something new, their little brain tells them to investigate! The video we have for you to day is the perfect example of that cute curiosity! In the video, a Bengal cat comes face-to-face with another cat, which happens to be a beautiful Persian. The Persian cat is standing on … Read more

Black Cat Is Convinced He Is A Dog And Even Does This…

Playing fetch is a trick that most dogs do. However, there are cats that have learned this trick as well. It looks awkward and unusual at first but they are absolutely adorable when they play fetch, This black kitty thinks that he is a dog and never gets enough with playing fetch. Cats have more stamina than dogs so they don’t get tired as easily. Looks like this black kitty is enjoying it and we never know when he’s going … Read more

Two Cats Have A Full Blown Conversation About The Birds Outside The Window

When cats see something interesting, their curiosity is going to fire up and they won’t stop obsessing until they get their paws on it. Two cats are standing by the window doing the most hilarious thing- They’re chattering in the most adorably way while watching the birds outside from the window. Although these two are serious about what they’re doing, looking at them is downright hilarious. I wonder what these two are talking about? It might be that they’re planning … Read more