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Jennifer Nelson has always had a passion for animals and used to give her toy horses and stuffed animals haircuts. After 12 years as a groomer, she's now a freelance writer.

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One Important Nutrient That Helps Your Cat’s Body Reduce Inflammation

If your cat suffers from any inflammation-related problems, such as arthritis, itchy skin, ulcerativ...

Why Does My Cat Knead Me With Her Front Paws?

Have you ever wondered why your cat kneads you with her front paws when she’s feeling particul...

10 Reasons Why Being A “Crazy Cat Person” Is A Good Thing

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Potentially Deadly & Highly Contagious “Cat Plague” Is Spreading Across Australia

Feline Panleukopenia (FP), otherwise known as the “cat plague,” is causing problems in A...

This Crucial Information About Your Cat’s Kidneys May Save Her Life

Kidney failure is one of the top causes of death for cats, especially older cats. Nearly 1 out of 3 ...

Belgium Becomes First Country To Require Most Cats To Be Spayed Or Neutered

Thanks to a new law, Belgium will require almost all of their 2 million cats to be spayed or neuter...

10 Top Tips For Helping Your Cat Live Her Best Life

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Why Won’t My Cat Drink From A Water Bowl?

It’s a sad fact that our feline fur kids are extremely prone to kidney stones and other kidney...

How One Unexpected Ingredient Can Help Ease Dry Skin In Cats

You know how uncomfortable dry skin can be. You probably use plenty of hand or face lotion on yourse...

Neighborhood “Cat Burglar” Caught Trying To Steal Package From Porch

Normally, if you caught somebody taking a package off of your front porch, you would be furious. But...