Enter To Win A 3 Month Supply Of Free Food For Your Favorite Feline


Our feline companions deserve the very best, so why not offer them just that when it comes to their daily diet? Even better than the thought of your best furry friend chowing down on a nutritious meal, is the fact that you can receive a free 3-month supply of a food that your cat is sure to love! iHeartdogs is partnering with “I and love and you” to offer a tasty reward to one lucky cat.  Are you as excited … Read more

Lil Bub, The Inspirational Instagram Star Has Passed Away

Lil Bub Cover

If you are a cat lover, there’s a large chance that you have stumbled upon Lil Bub’s adorable face at some point during your Instagram scrolling. Though Bub had an unforgettable appearance that could steal your heart, she was much more than her signature look. Lil Bub is leaving behind an incredible legacy. Since Bub was rescued in 2011, she has made a huge impact on the world of animal welfare and special needs pets. Battling her own medical complications … Read more

Man Who “Doesn’t Want Pets” Surprises His Wife On Their Wedding Day

kitten surprise

Kaylee and Orion had been together for 5 years before they decided to tie the knot. Though they couldn’t be more excited about their future together, there was one thing they didn’t agree on. Kaylee grew up with cats in her family home and was dreading leaving behind her family cat, Nala, once she moved in with Orion. Orion does love animals, but he was just unsure about having a pet of his own. Though Orion was unsure about being … Read more

You Helped Fund The Creation Of This Incredible Cat Room!

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iHeartCats works closely with the Greater Good by donating part of each sale to various charity efforts. Thanks to cat lovers like you, so many cats will go on to find their very own happy ending. The Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ has just finished a major renovation to their cat room, and it’s all because of you. The shelter staff at the Liberty Humane Society are dedicated to seeking liberty for all furry friends that step foot … Read more

This Restaurant Goes Above & Beyond For Their Favorite Feline Friend

Dennys cat cover

If you happen to visit the Denny’s in Eugene, Oregon you will probably meet an adorable furry friend. For the past 10 years, this restaurant has gone above and beyond for an affectionate stray cat that needed a place to call home. Dennys, or Denns for short, has been living in a cozy set up outside of this diner for the last decade. The frightened cat showed up at the restaurant door years ago, looking for food and a warm … Read more

Woman Finds Out That Her Cat Has Been Living A Double Life

Cat double life

Pixie is an incredibly sweet cat that lives in Mexico with his owner, Mary Lore Barra. Though Pixie comes and goes as he pleases, his owner couldn’t have ever imagined the secret this furry friend had! Pixie first came into Mary Lore Barra’s life about 2 years ago when he showed up on her porch as a small kitten. Being the avid animal lover that she is, she readily took in the tiny kitten. As his sweet personality blossomed over … Read more

Chloe Is The Definition Of “Tiny But Mighty”

Chloe cover

Chloe is a very special cat who suffers from hind limb paralysis. Though the odds were stacked against her, she never allowed her disability to dull her shine! Hannah Shaw is a passionate cat and kitten advocate, who is known as the “Kitten Lady” in the world of animal rescue. She has dedicated her life to fostering kittens of all kinds, and helping to spread accurate and helpful information to those who are interested in feline rescue. Chloe met Hannah … Read more

Woman Is Stunned To Learn That Her Rescue Kitten Is Actually A Wild Cat

bobcat story

Jill Hicks was driving down a dark road when she noticed a small creature in the middle of the busy street. As she got closer, she realized that it was a tiny kitten in need of help. She immediately pulled to the side of the road, and left her car door open in an attempt to slow traffic. The kitten was stunned with fear, so she was able to scoop her up and bring her to safety. She originally thought … Read more

Potato, A Triumphant Cat with Feline Dwarfism

Potato Cover

Potato is a tiny cat with a big story. In spite of her difficult past, she has continued to defy the odds! Potato, a.k.a Stumpy Cat, was born with a list of troubling medical conditions. She was found to have joint and spine malformation, difficulty breathing due to her small rib cage, feline dwarfism, and to top it all off; she is also blind. All of her medical ailments lead to her small frame. Potato is alarmingly small, and is … Read more

Truffles The Cat Helps Kids Feel Comfortable In Their Glasses

Truffles The Cat

For a child, getting their first pair of glasses can be quite scary. The staff at A Child’s Eyes knows how important this moment is, so they got a furry helper to ease their fears. A Child’s Eyes is an optical shop for children and infants.  They focus on creating eye wear and treatment plans for visual handicaps of all kind, and how to make these options as comfortable for children as possible. Along with their daily tasks, is the … Read more