Ask The Vet: What Should I Consider To Keep My Cat Safe At Halloween?



Halloween is here and our pets are a part of our family. We want to be sure that they are included as much as they want to be and are kept safe too.

Remember, your cat is not accustomed to all that ghoulish fun associated with this holiday, so don’t forget his needs.

Cats are tiny predators. Their survival depends on how tuned in to the environment they are. They are instinctively alerted when things that are new and different so family members in disguise could be quite frightening to a cat. Take time to make sure that your cat knows who you are in your costume, even leaving it accessible to the cat for examination prior to wearing it.

Your cat should be safely secured in a room away from noise, traffic and lights. If you are having party guests, make sure there is a sign on the door, PLEASE DO NOT LET THE CAT OUT.   Every cat should be trained that his carrier is a safe place, so having the carrier in his safe room with his usual bedding gives him an additional haven. It should be away from windows in case of fireworks. Covering it with a towel can also make it seem more benign.

With guests and trick or treaters coming and going, cats can become frightened and slip through doorways to be lost in the dark. You should microchip every pet (even exclusively indoor ones) and be certain that you register with a microchip database and keep your information current.  Then, if your cat does escape and is found after the holiday, she can be scanned by rescues or vets and returned to you. Microchipped cats are over 20 times more likely to be gotten home than unidentified cats.1

Halloween spooks are all meant in fun, but might be truly scary to your cat. Make a few accommodations to keep the tricks a treat for everyone.


  1. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association; July 15, 2009, Vol. 235, No. 2, Pages 160-167


Written by Dr. Kathryn Primm
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