Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Randomly Run Around The Room?


Everyone who has lived with a cat has seen him just suddenly race from one side of the room to another for no apparent reason. It seems to be a universal behavior of domestic cats, but have you ever considered why they do it?

I have heard some amusing rumors that the “zoomies” are related to the anesthetic drugs that were used when the cat was neutered, but there is no evidence at all for this theory. Even cats that are too young to have been neutered experience this delightful phenomenon and cat owners the world over laugh and wonder about it.


The behavior is more likely to be a throwback from kittenhood when your cat was learning to apprehend and pounce for later hunts. Young cats practice all sorts of behaviors to fine tune their balance, speed, timing and agility. Some wild felines continue to mature and fine tune their abilities for years before hunting on their own.

During the random flights, cats often look mischievous or seem gleeful. They do not typically appear stressed or fearful and if they can get you to join in the games, all the better.


Whatever the reason really is, it seems to be really fun for all ages and even older cats indulge. So next time Fluffy gets the zoomies, just laugh and join in!

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Written by Dr. Kathryn Primm
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