Artistic Cat Lends A Helping Paw On The Potter’s Wheel

Cats can be such helpful creatures when they want to be. They’ve been known to help owners knit by unraveling yarn balls, clean up after dinner by casually batting the glasses off the table and even taste test the chicken cordon bleu. But this cat is an artist at work when he’s helping his owner on the potter’s wheel.



He helps smooth out those rough sides and remove the access clay as his owner peels it away.


What a smart and helpful kitty. His friend in the background doesn’t look like he is into throwing pots…maybe he’s more of the “clear the table” type. Watch the entire cute video below:

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a helping hand… or paw.

Posted by Meow on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How cute is that cat? Does your kitty help you with your arts and crafts? Share how he or she does in the comments!

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