Man Scours Shelter For Pedigree Cat, Kitten With Deformity Grabs His Heart

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on August 10, 2023

Arlo, the kitten, ended up at a local shelter, needing a family of his own. Workers instantly noticed that this young kitty was different. He had a hunched back and facial deformity, but his appearance didn’t stop the little love bug from winning the staff over.

With shelters being overrun by needy animals, the staff worried that Arlo wouldn’t find a home because of his deformities. The vet diagnosed him with hydrocephalus which is the reason for his unique features. But despite his diagnosis, he was otherwise healthy.

A man named Davy was looking to adopt a senior cat, preferably a pedigree. He lived a relaxed, slow-paced life in the country. He felt an older cat would fit in perfectly. Davy went to the shelter and searched for his kitty soulmate. The cats looked at him from their cages, vying for his attention.

But Davy was already taken. Arlo saw him from across the room and meowed until Davy came closer. The two locked eyes and fell head-over-paws in love. Would Davy look past the young cat’s age and facial deformity? Play the video below to find out!

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