Arizona Family Gets A Surprise Visit From Some Unexpected Guests

| Published on September 1, 2016

It was just a regular Arizona morning when Paul and Pamela Oldach woke up Sunday. That is, until they looked outside to see some unexpected visitors. Not only did they not expect to see a litter of kittens playing around, they definitely didn’t expect to see a litter of wildcats playing around! That’s right – a litter of several bobcat kittens were playing in their backyard while their mother and several other adult bobcats were watching to make sure the babies stayed safe.



The kittens stayed in their yard for about 20 minutes until one adult, likely their mother, gathered them up to leave. The three kittens were all curious and even took a drink out of the Oldach’s pool. Although they’re shy animals, bobcats are known to make themselves at home in residential neighborhoods provided they have shelter, food and water.



Wildlife can also be attracted to yards that have other wildlife such as birds and other small animals, domestic birds and pets and even water and shade. The Oldach’s yard environment clearly was entertaining enough for the three kittens to explore. They were even curious enough to check out the Oldach’s through the window when they pulled out their camera to take pictures. While bobcats are wild animals and should be left that way, it’s pretty neat to have them hang out in your backyard for some time!