Scraggly Feral Cat With Eyes Caked Shut Morphs Into A Fluffy Beauty

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 18, 2024

A feral cat, later named Apollo, had lived a life untouched by human hands. When rescuers Jaina and Ivy from Cats of San Bernardino first laid eyes on him, it was difficult for them to comprehend the depth of his suffering. His condition was deplorable, with infected eyes robbing him of sight. Approaching him was a delicate dance; his heightened senses kept him on guard. Jaina attempted to reach around to grab him, but he instinctively pulled back and ran away through the dense underbrush.

His eyes, clouded by infection, couldn’t perceive the help the women were offering. He was fearful of people, and their initial challenge was to contain him, preventing escape. Jaina and Ivy were finally able to pick him up and place him in a small crate. They then began the daunting task of treating his mange to provide comfort to his aching body.

Apollo was in pain. With crystal blue eyes hidden beneath the infection, the women initially thought he was completely blind. His fear made him coil away from their hands– a heartbreaking display of uncertainty. Once back at the rescue center, patience became the women’s ally, and trust was forged through the daily ritual of cleaning him up because he was unable to find his litter box. They flipped him upside down to clean his tail and bathe him, which helped them gain his trust. He transformed into a big, healthy boy, venturing out to keep foster kittens company.

The rescuers presumed he would lose both of his eyes, but Apollo defied the odds. His right eye healed up, granting him partial vision. Now, he revels in the joy of play, running around with the foster kittens and showing gratitude for his rescuers’ investment of time, love, and care. The once elusive feral cat has evolved into a happy companion. Apollo, now a cherished part of the Cats of San Bernardino family, is a reminder of the rewards that come with unwavering dedication and love. Click play on the video below to see Apollo’s stunning transformation.

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