After Bringing Home This Stray Kitten, They Didn’t Expect Their Cat To Do This…

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 7, 2015

Cats are territorial animals, and it’s no surprise that there are times in which cats just won’t get along with each other. For anyone that’s introduced a new cat into their home with an existing cat, they know that the integration of the two is a slow and tedious process. After a married couple found an abandoned kitten in a field, they decided to bring the kitten home to give him a place to be to call home. They were unsure of how their cat at home would react, worried that she might not be too fond of this strange kitten in her home. But what they saw amazed them, and was a truly beautiful sight:

Source: Adopted kitten bonds with family cat by EinfachHunderbar on Rumble

You would never know that those cats weren’t previously acquainted! I love the way the kitten cozies right up to the mature cat and she lets him in, even showing him some affection. Hopefully this pair is set to become the best of friends!