Adorable Kitty Dances With Her Mommy…Or Is She??


Awwww…look at kitty, she enjoys dancing with her mommy! For a kitten who’s only 6 months old, she sure has the rhythm to move with the beat of the music and mommy’s feet!

See how she bobs and look at how her paw follows the rhythm of the beat? Hmmm…or maybe, it’s mommy’s feet? Well, either way, she has it down pat. Look how cute, she even stood up to dance? Whaaat? She’s not dancing? She’s attacking mom’s foot? Oh I don’t think so, I reckon, she’s dancing and oh wait…now I’m not so sure about that…maybe she is feet attacking!!! Well whatever; you gotta admit, this kitty has the moves and she’s got the rhythm too! 🙂

Source: Tiny kitten adorably dances with her owner by baby_phat226 on Rumble

Kittens are just about the cutest things! Doesn’t matter what they do, they just look so cute like kitty here! Now share this with others and lets see their take on this, is kitty dancing or feet attacking? 😀

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