Adorable Cat With Missing Teeth & A Hanging Tongue Is Looking For A Forever Home

| Published on December 17, 2015

Real cat lovers believe that every cat is beautiful, and that every cat deserves a home. No matter how old a cat is, or even if he/she has a deformity, they all deserve our love.

This cat named Jaws is looking for a loving forever home, and a family who accepts her as she is. Jaws was found on the streets, struggling to eat. When her rescuers brought her to the vet to be checked, they found out that she’s missing half of her bottom jaw; that’s why her rescuers named her ‘Jaws’.

Jaws is obviously a special needs cat. But other than missing part of her jaw and some of her teeth, and aside from her tongue hanging out, Jaws is a pretty normal cat. She loves to play and chase toys.

Watch the video below and learn more about this adorable cat!

Will you be the one to give Jaws a loving, forever home?

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