Adorable Cat Thinks Baby Bunnies Are Kittens and Lovingly Cares for Them

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on July 8, 2024

Cat moms are amazing at taking care of their babies, always keeping them safe and loved. But you don’t often hear about cat dads. Sometimes, they can be great parents too.

A cat named Mango showed his owners that he could be a wonderful father when he jumped into a pen full of tiny rabbits. The video, uploaded to Rumble, shows a big, fluffy ginger cat surrounded by little bunnies.

Mango’s owner says he is very caring and affectionate. Mango has also helped raise foster kittens before.

His owner said, “Before I could get his mom fixed, she had a litter of five. When they were old enough to bring inside from their mom, Mango cared for them. I have since fostered around six other feral kittens. Once they are out of quarantine, Mango is in there grooming and playing with them.”

One day, Mango found his way into the rabbits’ pen. While some cats might see the rabbits as prey, Mango treated them like playful little kittens.

In the cute video, which has been watched over 4 million times, you see someone walking up to the rabbit pen. A few brown rabbits are near the front, while Mango is further back, with his back to the camera.

As the person gets closer, the camera shows Mango with one paw gently holding down a rabbit while he grooms and licks it, just like he does with the kittens he fosters.

Mango doesn’t seem to realize that the rabbits aren’t kittens, or if he does, he doesn’t mind.

After the first rabbit is done getting loved by Mango, another bunny comes over. Mango looks at it for a few seconds, then gently holds it down and gives it licks and kisses too.

According to Daily Mail UK, Mango was found as a tiny kitten under the decking of his owner’s house in Louisville, Kentucky.

His siblings found other homes, but the owners fell in love with Mango and decided to keep him.

It’s so sweet to see how Mango interacts with the kittens and the bunnies. The bunnies seem very comfortable with him, making for an adorable and heartwarming scene.

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