Abandoned Cat Left Almost Unrecognizable Makes An Amazing Recovery

You can’t imagine how some people can afford to abandon their cats and allow bad things to happen. No matter what treatment we show to these cats, they will always show us love in return! Flagler Humane Society rescued this cat who was left abandoned. Her fur was all covered with dirt, feces and cat litter! Her collar was embedded into her throat and left her a nasty open wound! You can’t imagine the misery this cat underwent through! The Humane Society needs to shave off her fur and treat her intensively! Flagler Humane Society took all the evidence they gathered from the cat and showed it to the authorities! This cat is lucky to be alive! watch her full story by clicking the video below!

Rescues like this inspires people to help cats in need! Must be shared to all! Please leave a comment and share us you thoughts about animal rescue!

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Written by Johnny Ferniz
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