A Scene Of Two Kitties Grooming Takes An Unexpected Turn!

| Published on June 27, 2015

Cats have no problem when it comes to cleaning themselves. They use their tongues to groom and keep themselves clean. And they even clean their siblings and friends when they are feeling generous. Grooming another kitty is a way to show each other some love and affection.

So it’s pretty normal that Seamus and Angus would groom each other. The two beautiful Shorthaired Exotic Persian cat brothers are caught in a grooming session in the video below. Seamus, the cat on the left, is grooming his brother Angus. But suddenly, Seamus did something unexpected! He was overcome with love and affection for his brother! Check out the video below and see what happens next!

Was that a kissing scene I just saw? LOL! That was quite a kiss! I love how Angus didn’t mind his brother’s sudden burst of love and affection!

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