An Important Update From Marshall

Dear iHeartCats Hero,

First, we want to thank you for hanging in there with us through these uncertain times, feeding hungry shelter cats, and trusting us to deliver your item in time for Christmas. We wanted to update you on your pre-order item.

We’ve sent out a few email updates over the last few weeks to keep you in the loop and each time, we were hopeful that our shipments that arrived at the port on 11/12 would be released to us in time to get it to you by Christmas (as advised by our delivery partners).

It is with heavy hearts that we have just found out that the following pre-ordered items will NOT arrive to you in time for Christmas:

1. Pre Order: Limited Edition – A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Golden Angel Cat Artisan Tree Topper
2. Pre Order: Warm Hearts Warm Hearts Full Bellies / Warm Bellies Ornament Collection – Prancer the Rescue Kitty

No one is as bummed as we are. However, on a powerfully, positive note, we WERE able to send ALL the donations to the shelters in time for Christmas. The shelter and rescues workers are beside themselves and wanted us to convey how thankful they are for all you do.

You will get the product shortly after Christmas. In the meantime, we wanted to give you something as a thank you for your patience:

  • * $10 discount in our store (good for one-time purchase thru 6/30/22)
    CODE: IHCPreOrder1221
    Expires 6/3/22
  • * Feeding 10 MORE Cats – so a total of 20 additional cats will be fed for each order

What’s Next?

Some WONDERFUL news is that we just received delivery (12/18) of the delayed Tree Toppers and Warm Heart, Fully Belly Ornaments and if you ordered those items, they are being processed for you as we speak. You should receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information shortly.

We understand that this time of year is time-sensitive and some items may have been purchased as gifts, so if you need to cancel any of your remaining item(s) please let us know. Otherwise, if you do not wish to cancel or make adjustments to your order, no response is necessary and we thank you for your kind patience.

Again, thank you for your understanding during these very unusual circumstances, your ongoing support, and for feeding those hungry Shelter animals!


Marshall Morris
iHeartCats Co-Founder