A Cat Jumped In A Man’s Car – What Happened Next Changed Both Their Lives

Get ready for an incredible story. A stray black cat jumped into a man’s car in an attempt to stay warm. Reddit user Jonny explains, “This little guy climbed into my work van yesterday in downtown to stay warm. They chose you, right?” They sure do!
This beautiful black had no plans of leaving Jonny’s side once he was in the van.  Jonny asked around the neighborhood to see if the cat belonged to anyone, but came up empty.

“The guy whose house I was at said it had been outside his place meowing for about two days. Also the neighborhood I was in had about 4 houses that weren’t abandoned, and Vet checked for a microchip.”
After realizing that this little kitty didn’t belong to anyone at all, Jonny knew what he wanted to do – adopt him! That kind of selfless kindness means a once-scared cat is now safe and sound in his forever home. So inspiring how the random events of one day can have that kind of impact on the people (and cats!) involved.

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