9 Snacks You Can Spoil Your Cat With

| Published on April 19, 2015

Some cats are picky eaters while others will try to gobble down just about anything in sight. It can be tough to say no to the cute faces of persistent beggars, but owners are constantly cautioned against sharing people food. But fear not, there are some human foods that can make a safe snack for our cats, so long as they are only fed on occasion. As always, be sure to check with your veterinarian about changing anything in your cat’s diet.

#1 – Canned Fish


Canned fish is a feline favorite and it’s perfectly safe to offer a small amount periodically. Make sure you purchase canned fish in water with no extra salt or other additives added, as those can be harmful for cats.

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#2 – Green Beans


Green beans are actually a great diet food for cats and dogs alike, as they are full of fiber to make them feel full but lack the calories your cat is normally used to eating. If your cat will eat green beans, raw or steamed without seasonings would make a great snack.

#3 – Cheese


Dairy is a common allergen among cats, so make sure cheese won’t be a problem for your feline friend. If you’re in the clear, small pieces of cheese or a tiny bit of cream cheese makes for a delicious snack.

#4 – Bananas


Bananas are another sweet treat your cat might enjoy and a small piece here and there certainly shouldn’t cause any harm. If your cat seems interested in a taste of your banana, feel free to offer some.

#5 – Eggs

Photo credit: Shannon via Flickr.

Eggs are packed with protein and make an excellent snack for cats, so long as you hold the salt, pepper and any other seasonings. Lightly scrambled are the easiest to serve and should sit well with your kitty.

#6 – Broccoli


Broccoli is full of nutrition and even though it’s not a necessary food in your cat’s diet, they might enjoy the taste. Only feed broccoli raw or cooked without seasoning or oils.

#7 – Melons


Not all cats will eat fruit, but melons like cantaloupe and watermelon are particularly sweet and delicious. If your cat seems interested in trying any of your fresh fruit, you’re typically safe to offer small pieces of melon as a sweet treat.

#8 – Lean Meats


Lean meats are a great choice if you’re looking for a snack to share with your cat. Try to avoid heavily seasoned meats or deli meats with a lot of additional salt, as this isn’t as healthy as plain, cooked meats. Small pieces of chicken, turkey and lean beef with no seasoning is a great choice. Just be sure to never, ever feed any cooked bones as these are potentially very dangerous.

#9 – Spinach


Cats don’t need vegetables in their diet, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give them some every so often. If your cat will eat leafy greens, raw or steamed, unseasoned spinach is a very healthy snack.

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