9 Silly Ways That Your Cat Says “I Love You”

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 29, 2015

Of course we know that cats will purr when they are happy, or particularly happy with someone. Then there are the times when your cat wants to cuddle with you, and lets you know that you are loved. But what about the silly ways that your cat says “I love you” to you? We’ve compiled a fun list of silly ways that your cat tells you that you’re loved–even when they are a tad frustrating. Leave us a comment below to share the funny ways your cat lets you feel loved!

1. Sleeping on Your Head

8552772804_327d719fc7_zSource: Sandra via Flickr

2. Gnawing on You, Just Because

168489248_9f88c8812f_zSource: Tommy Hemmert Olesen via Flickr

3. Licking You in the Strangest Places

2665563733_8df56f3636_zSource: Lisa Brewster via Flickr

4. Bringing You “Gifts”… Which Also Means You’re a Lousy Hunter–in Their Opinion

980x-1via distractify.com

5. Laying on Your Favorite Garment so That it’s Covered in Cat Hair

10818970765_a0e9dfba54_zSource: Kara via Flickr

6. Meowing at You Like Crazy

3547580657_6de651ff19_z-2Source: David J Laporte via Flickr

7. Staring at You to the Point That it’s Almost Freaky

8297887165_85a0f9be4f_zSource: Gabriela Rabel. via Flickr

8. The Cat Speed Bump, That Always Seems to be in Your Walking Path

3947542596_d3a5839494_zSource: Denise Mattox via Flickr

9. Pawing Under the Door Like Crazy

3112197138_8078bd1fdf_z-2Source: awesome _possum01 via Flickr