9 Reasons Your Cat Keeps Meowing At You

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on May 10, 2015

While cats are known by all for their precious meow, sometimes their meow can serve as an indication that your kitty companion is trying to tell you something. Cats use their meows as a means to express their emotions, so pay attention to these specific meows to let you know just exactly what your kitty is trying to say:


1. To Get Your Attention, Duh!

Kittens use their meow when they are born so that their mother can hear them since they do not yet have the ability to see. As they grow older they learn to reserve their meows and usually only divvy them out when they are wanting attention. Fun fact: Cats rarely meow at one another, and use their meows more when communicating with their human.

 393334797_d08f157bfb_zSource: Sylvie via Flickr

2. I Want To Go Outside, Please

This one is usually a sweet meow, but loud enough to grab your attention. Whether they are by a window or perhaps the door forging an escape plan the minute it opens, this particular meow is meant to say they want to go outdoors to explore.

 3893706434_ebc7519e0e_zSource: Ray Dumas via Flickr

3. Midnight Meowing

Cats are known to sleep roughly 16 hours a day, and as no surprise sometimes cats can become most active at night. If you happen to hear some squirrelly meows come the midnight hour, this means kitty cat is ready to play… although this might be the last thing you can think about doing while trying to catch some shut-eye.


4. Feed Me, Like Now

Every cat owner knows this bellowing, loudmouth meow all too well. When your cat is hungry, they are not shy about getting what they want. Until their desires are satisfied they will meow their butt off to grab your undivided attention. And if you accidentally left the store without grabbing their food, well, you better turn right back around, pronto!

 3547580657_6de651ff19_zSource: David J Laporte via Flickr

5. Something is Really Irking Them

It doesn’t matter what it is, you will know what this troubled, concerned meow means. It will signify to you that they are distressed, possibly in pain, and definitely frustrated. Rush to their aid, because this is a definite sign that they need your attention.

 4780617056_207d120cd3_zSource: Chris Isherwood via Flickr

6. What’s Up Meow

This short, cutesy meow is used as a greeting, typically heard upon seeing you on your way in the door. Your cat does this to say hello, and you may also hear these inviting meows if they come into the room you’re in and make a point to politely announce themselves. If you hear several of these sweet meows in a row, then your cat is very excited to see you. Too cute!


7. Long, Drawn-out Meow

A meow that’s long, loud and very direct can be interpreted as having an angry cat on your hands. If they are not angry, this can be another way for them to tell you that they are in distress over something.

 3568029137_db524a4f1a_zSource: CCF Photo via Flickr

8. High-Pitched Meow, Excuse Me?!

This attention-getting meow is used by your cat to alert you quickly, which might happen if you accidentally bump into them or step on their tail. They use this high-pitched meow to signal they are in pain or something has quickly grabbed their attention. Watch out below, because kitty might get mad.

 270476710_30a544f461_zSource: Sarah Wilbur via Flickr

9. Chatterbox Meow, When Something Triggers Their Animal Instincts

These chatty meows sound like your cat is trying to entrance something with their special cat powers, and the truth is, this is exactly what they are doing. You might hear this type of meow when your cat is at a window, spotting a bird or a squirrel that excites their entrancement abilities.

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