9 Perfectly Imperfect Kitties Need Forever Homes

| Published on September 19, 2015

In honor of Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week (September 20-26), we are featuring 9 purrfectly imperfect cats from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, Best Friends LA, and Best Friends NY. All of these cats may have their imperfections, but we are sure they have a perfect family waiting for them! Best Friends adopts nationwide, so please contact the corresponding rescue if you are interested. Cant’ adopt? SHARE this post to help these 9 cats find homes!

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Utah

Loveable cats and kittens, some with special needs, are available for adoption at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. For more information, visit bestfriends.org and there is a tab for out cats who have been waiting the longest to go home here

#1 – Bruce

Bruce loves people and likes hanging out with them. He’s not all that crazy about other cats. He’s declawed and has no teeth, so he may act tough with other felines as a defense. He has stomatitis and should be eating wet food, but he only likes dry food. He does, however, like to eat chicken. Born in 2009, he had a home with one other cat, but his person took ill. He’d love to have a person of his own again, preferably with no other cats. Bruce is in the beginning stages of kidney failure so getting a home now would mean everything for this sweet boy.

BF_SanctuaryBruce8171_BF logo

#2 – Edward

Edward is an older gentleman, probably born around 1998. He arrived at Best Friends when his elderly person could no longer care for him. Edward does not seek out attention from other cats, but he tolerates them. People, however, are another story. Edward has beautiful, soulful eyes that hypnotize you to come hither. It is impossible to say no to him! And he will follow you around just to be picked up and held.He’s not terribly playful, and we’re guessing that he’d rather just sit in your lap on the porch or in the Lazy Boy.Edward’s looking for someone he can purr to sleep every night.

edwardBFSanctuary_20140326_4368_BF logo

#3 – Jude

‘I can be quite the sweetheart! I love to go on sleepovers and snuggle in bed.’

This pretty little calico loves the company of people. Jude loves when you sit on the floor so she can come snuggle on your leg.

Born in 2006, Jude came from an animal shelter in Virginia. She has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), but that won’t stop her from living a long and happy life, even in the company of other cats. She would love to go on a permanent sleepover with you.

Jude5537_BF logo

#4 – Tinsley

At first glance, Tinsley appears to be a special-needs kitty. Guess again! Just because she has just a stub for a rear leg doesn’t mean she can’t get around like everyone else. And if other kitties invade her personal space, she has no qualms about letting them know they need to back up.

Tinsley is definitely more of a ‘people cat’ than a ‘cat’s cat.’ She’d be OK with a submissive, quiet feline friend or two. But they will have to learn to give her some space now and then. She’d much prefer your friendship to theirs.

Tinsley knows the value of a good, comfy bed and a loving person. If given the chance, she’d love to show you just how much! What do you say?

Tinsley723_BF logo

#5 – Esmeralda


Esmeralda is sweet and affectionate with both cats and people. She loves lap time and will hop right up. She enjoys treats and being brushed. Esmeralda is an older girl (probably born around 2000) who came from a hoarding situation. She has no teeth left, but isn’t on any special diet. She has a cute little meow, and she’s asking for a home where she can live out her golden years.

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Best Friends Los Angeles

Many loveable cats and kittens are available at the  Best Friends Pet Adoption & Spay/Neuter Center For more information, visit la.bestfriends.org.

#6 – Bella

Soft, sleek seven year old Bella is a sweet cat that will meow her appreciation whenever you pet her and has a cute habit of nuzzling and licking palms. However, she can be a little unpredictable sometimes and so would do best with a savvy owner who will recognize when she gets overstimulated. If you’re looking for a fun buddy to keep you company, make sure to meet Bella!

BellaBFLA-IMG_0087_BF logo

#7 – Emerald

Lap cat alert! Gorgeous Emerald is a sweetheart who loves to snuggle. She’s friendly and talkative, too! Pet Emerald on the head and she’s putty in your hands. She can get a little overstimulated at times, so Emerald needs a savvy adopter who will give her space when she needs it. Bring Emerald home and enjoy all the rewards of having a fine feline companion!

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Best Friends New York 

Many loveable cats and kittens are available through Best Friends New York foster program. For more information, visit ny.bestfriends.org 

#8 – Hudson

Hudson is a four-year-old male cat who is a major love bug with long wispy whiskers, stylin’ tiger stripes and perfect polydactyl paws–the last of which makes him highly skilled at swatting feather toys and playing outfield for the Yankees (or so we’ve heard). Let this boy rub his fuzzy head against you, and he’ll purr up a storm. Hudson is FeLV positive but he doesn’t let that slow him down!

HudsonBFNY_2559_BF logo

#9 – Chip

Chip is an 8 year old female cat who has had less than stellar experiences in her life thus far. She was brought into our program having injuries, it’s possible she could have been hit by a car. She has successfully recovered from her physical injuries but now Chip needs an experienced cat owner that will be able to give her the time and space she needs to make the second part of her recovery- realizing she is safe and cared for and won’t be left out on the street again to fend for herself. With time and a little more TLC, we know Chip will blossom into a wonderful kitty!

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