9 Cat Behaviors That Drive Us Nuts BUT Makes Us Love Them

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 5, 2014

Cats are mysterious little creatures with quirky habits that make us love them, even when they are driving us up the wall. They can be much like children, who don’t care if you’re busy trying to work or sleep or even eat for that matter. When they want your attention they are sure to get it, and sometimes they have some rather interesting ways to go about doing it.

Take a look at these 9 cat behaviors that drive us nuts BUT makes us love them:

18333336105_76e61a21df_zSource: Eric Sonstroem via Flickr

1. They Stalk You–Even in Your Sleep!

Stalking is a natural instinct cats have had since they were wild, so don’t be surprised if their instincts take over on their master. If you own a cat, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re in a peaceful deep sleep, dreaming away, and when you wake up you see a set of large, saucer eyes staring at you with intent. This can be a bit freaky, as if they are stalking you like you are defenseless prey.

Cats are natural hunters and predatory by nature, so this stalking habit comes instinctually to them even if they aren’t intending it to. Sometimes you might even be relaxing on your sofa when you see a set of eyes and whiskers lurking behind a corner just waiting to pounce on you when you least expect it. But if your cat tries to take a bite out of you then that’s a whole other problem!


2. They Bring Home Dead Animals, Sometimes Even Inside the House!

While this can be labeled as a “present” by some, cats often do this as a means of showing their owners what they can “offer” in terms of hunting abilities–because they think your hunting skills are seriously lacking. Often times a cat will leave this trinket of affection on a rug outside of the doorstep, but at times a cat can be known to bring it in the house. Rodents can carry all kinds of diseases, and a dead one in the home is not ideal–especially if you have other pets or small children.

Hopefully your cat doesn’t take it too personally when you dispose of the kill rather than eat it, like they think you should!


3. Your Cat Will Not Go Ignored–Especially If They Want Food

Like humans, cats practice inflection and different ways to use their voice. When they want something, specifically to go outside or for you to feed them, they will not be shy about it. A cat’s meow can range from kitten-like to full-fledged, guttural sounds, and they use this language to try and explain to us what they want. According to The Cat Behavior Answer Book, “Cats are capable of making at least 30 sounds, including at least 19 variations on the simple meow.”

Their meow is the way of communicating for them, and with a wide selection to choose from, this gives us a better idea of what they are trying to tell us. I think that every cat owner can attest to fully comprehending their kitty’s “I want food now” meow sound.


4. They Enjoy Sleeping or Laying on Your Favorite Blanket–Or Their Owner

Cats can be found sleeping in the oddest places, so if your cat enjoys sleeping in a place that you like to sleep then you should take this as a compliment! Sleep time is when a cat is most vulnerable, so if they choose to snooze in your place of rest than this shows that not only do they love you–but that you make them feel safe.

Some cats even choose to sleep on or with their owners when they are sleeping, and obviously they choose to be next to you as a sign of affection. Hopefully kitty doesn’t turn into a concrete brick when they are sleeping, so you can get some rest, too.


14896997609_11b486a819_zSource: @Colin Pickett via Flickr

5. Your Cat Scratches up Your Furniture

This instinctual behavior that all cats practice can certainly try your patience if it’s in a place where you really don’t want it to be–like your expensive sofa. Cats enjoy exercising those claws for many reasons, and some of these may even surprise you. The first, and most obvious reason, is for clawing. Cats do this simply because it feels good and enjoy diddling those claws to make themselves happy. Cats can also be known to claw when seeking comfort or relieving stress, and you will not usually see a solo cat doing this when other kitties are not in the home.

The other reason that may surprise you, especially because we don’t view this as a wanted gesture, is that a cat’s paw pads contain a scent that they are leaving when they scratch. This scent shows ownership to you, and serves as a sign for other kitties to beat it, telling them to stay away because you are theirs. Be smart, and don’t discourage your cat from doing what is natural. Invest in a cat scratching post so both owner and cat are happy and your furniture doesn’t get ripped to shreds.

6956276492_86234feb2a_zSource: @Jiva via Flickr

6. Kitty Likes to Bite You–But Hopefully Not Too Hard!

Kittens are notorious for biting, but older cats have been known to do this as well. When petting a cat, you may get a “love bite” you didn’t expect. If you reach their lower back near their tail and they do this, well, that’s a sign that maybe they aren’t interested in being pet there. So if they bite you then, this is their way of telling you to back off, like now.

If your cat enjoys nibbling gently (think around the ankles) take this as a good sign that they are just showing you they care about you–even if it hurts a little bit!

4180899850_832f62c0e4_zSource: @Justin Baeder via Flickr

7. They Think of Almost Anything as a Toy to Play With… and Shred, and Most Likely Destroy

Cats don’t stay kittens forever unfortunately, but most do stay playful little creatures that enjoy having fun. Cats can find even the strangest things entertaining, particularly your feet underneath the covers as they go to attack you in bed. If you leave your bathroom door open, then there’s a good chance that kitty has had their way with your toilet paper roll before, too.

Everyone knows that cats are inquisitive by nature, and their curiosity will get the best of them more times then not. Cats can chase and play relentlessly, and it’s amusing to us humans to watch them go bonkers over the most random things.

2113548065_fe3a9fd237_zSource: @Vicki’s Pics via Flickr

8. Hey, I’m Sleeping Here!

Cats are observant by nature, and enjoy sitting high up so that they can get a better view of their surroundings. Some may fall asleep in these hard to reach places, and other times you may find kitty hanging out up on the top of your counter or kitchen table. These high places are intended for lounging in their minds, although it might drive you crazy every time you have to tell them to get down.

If you’re working away at your computer, they don’t think anything of it while you’re at your desk. Many cats like to stay close by their owners, even if this means bugging them beyond recognition when they pass out sprawled across your lap while you’re trying to get things done.

8480746908_882e1d949b_zSource: @Randi Deuro via Flickr

9. Privacy? What’s that?

Just because your cat likes their privacy doesn’t mean they would even think for a second to consider yours. A cat will bother you regardless of what you are doing, sneaking around corners or even pawing under the door trying their best to get in. In these desperate attempts to be near you it’s almost impossible not to laugh and feel flattered that your feline is so fond of you.

Whether it’s their sad attempts to unlock the bathroom door or sleeping on the top of your head at night, just remember that you’ve got a kooky cat who loves you and is just begging to be near. And really, what cat owner can resist that?!

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