8 Natural Alternatives to Common Cat Products

| Published on April 29, 2015

With more and more focus being put on the dangers of chemical and artificial products for humans, it makes sense that we want to find out more natural products for our cats. The benefits of natural nutrition and household items has been proven over and over again, but what things can you change about your cat’s life to make it more natural? Find out below!

#1 – Natural Cat Litter


There are a number of different brands making natural cat litter. These litters contain no harmful chemicals and perfumes that can cause problems for our feline friends. They’re made from plant-based materials and are much more environmental friendly, while still maintaining the same great odor protection and clumping ability as other litters.

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#2 – Natural Flea & Tick Repellent


There are tons of ways to prevent flea and tick infestations or treat current problems, but they don’t always have to be harsh chemicals. Most of the topical treatments are made of dangerous toxins that kill fleas and ticks and it’s been found that these chemicals may actually be harming our pets as well. Using naturally scented shampoos, sprays and collars will not only kill pests, but keep them away and provide safe protection for our kitties.

#3 – Food


This might sound a little silly when you read it, but think about all of the strange ingredients found in lower quality pet foods. Be sure to feed your cat the most natural diet you possibly can and you’ll be surprised to see many health problems disappear and stay away.

#4 – Treats


Natural treats are probably a little harder to find than you might think, but they’re becoming more and more popular. The less ingredients in your cat’s treats, the more likely they are to be natural. Be sure to check out ingredient lists and make sure that whatever is in there comes from whole foods. Natural cat grasses are another great treat that your cats will love.

#5 – Vitamins & Supplements


Vitamins and supplements are a great way to reduce the amount of medication your cat needs to stay healthy and live a quality life. Many cats suffer from ailments that cause chronic pain and illness. For example, allergies might cause your cat’s skin to be dry and cracked, but giving essential fatty acids like fish oil or coconut oil can greatly improve your pet’s condition without the need for harmful medications. Natural scents can be used to lessen anxiety and stress levels in cats instead of heavy medication.

#6 – Shampoo & Conditioner


While not everyone bathes their cat, those that do can benefit greatly from natural shampoos and conditioners. These often contain the beneficial fatty acids and oils that improve skin condition and prevent fleas and ticks. Natural shampoos and conditioners aren’t made of harsh chemicals that can actually damage your cat’s skin and coat over time and are far less likely to cause allergic reactions.

#7 – Natural Scratchers


Scratchers are important for keeping your cat happy and healthy, as they allow him to stretch out his body and file down his claws. They’re not only needed for their physical health, but their mental health too. Natural scratchers are made from safe, recycled materials that are environmental friendly and ecologically friendly.

#8 – Organic Catnip


Catnip is loved by generally all cats, but it’s often grown using dangerous chemicals and pesticides. But fear not, there are plenty of companies out there specializing in organic catnip that’s far safer to give our feline friends. Without the risk of exposing our kitties to toxins, we can watch them enjoy their catnip to its fullest potential!

Photo by Ali Graney via Flickr

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