8 Fun Facts About Tabby Cats


Tabby cats are one of the most classic looking cats, probably because they’re so common. Although they might seem generic to some people, tabby cat owners know that every kitty has something special to offer. Interested in learning more about these awesome felines? Check out these fun facts!

1. Tabby cats have four unique pattern types. These include: mackerel, blotched, striped and ticked. Each of these patterns looks different, but the blotched pattern is the most commonly occurring. Blotched tabbies are also called “classic” or “marbled” tabbies.


2. Tabby cats were named after a striped silk made in Baghdad. The cats were compared to the silk, giving them the name “tabby.” Although the exact word origin varies, there are several possibilities. The silk comes from the Attabiy district in Baghdad and the 14th century Middle French term for it was “atabis,” that soon turned to “tabis.” This, of course, translated into our English word, “tabby.”

3. Tabby patterns are likely common because they are the best suited for the wild. These patterns assist in camouflage when cats are hiding in tall grass or brush hunting for prey. Tigers and leopards both have tabby patterns.


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