8 Days Old Rescued Kitten Given A Second Chance At Life!

Chloe at 8 days old is still unable to open her eyes. They never thought that she will be able to open her eyes to live because she was about to be euthanize due of the amount of care they need. This kitty is at the edge when a second chance was given to her and everything that followed next is amazing. They continued to care for Chloe until she was finally able to open her eyes at ten days old! Eventually, Chloe found her forever home where she gets lots of attention! She lived a happy life together with the rest of the family which will help with her socialization. This amazing cat story needs to be shared. Click the video below and watch this amazing cat story!

Such an amazing story! This cat really deserves a second chance in life. Good to know that there are people out there who cared for this little fella. Please leave us a comment below and share to us your own cat rescue story!

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