8 Cat Breeds That Love Water

The myth that cats hate water has been rumored for ages. While there is some truth to it, there are quite a few felines that seem to dispel that myth. This isn’t totally abnormal when you think about it, because many wild cats like tigers and jaguars are known for spending time playing and cooling off in rivers, streams and lakes. While your cat might be limited to the sink and bathtub, there are certain breeds that seem to have this same love of water.

#1 – Bengal


The Bengal gets its looks from early crossbreeding of domestic felines to Asian Leopard Cats and although they still look wild, they’re fully domesticated in temperament. That said, they’re know for being active and have been reported to enjoy playing with water.

#2 – Maine Coon


The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds and is a naturally occurring breed native to Maine. Because of this, they have thick coats and are well-adapted to cold, wet weather. They’re known for being very playful and having an affinity toward water.

#3 – Turkish Van


The Turkish Van is a long-haired cat recognized by its unique markings on its head and tail. The native cat from which the breed originates its nicknamed “the swimming cat” because they have such a love of water; something that can be found in the modern breed today.

#4 – Japanese Bobtail

Photo credit: By Speznas35 (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Japanese Bobtail has been known and adored in Japan for many centuries and has appeared in various arts and literature. They are active and affectionate cats that bond closely with their people and many owners have shared stories about their love of water.

#5 – Turkish Angora


Although the Turkish Angora is known mostly for its beautiful white coloration, the breed actually comes in many different coat colors. They are very intelligent and easily trained. Like its Turkish Van cousin, the Turkish Angora is known for having a strong attraction to water.

#6 – Norwegian Forest Cat


The Norwegian Forest Cat is a naturally occurring cat breed that has evolved surviving many harsh winters in Scandinavia. Because of this, it has a thick, water-resistant coat and has no problem dealing with water and wet weather at all.

#7 – Manx


The Manx is another naturally occurring breed with a naturally bobbed tail. They are known for being very social cats that attach so closely to their owners they might join them in the shower.

#8 – Abyssinian


The Abyssinian is a very extroverted and playful breed, originating along the Egyptian coast. They are known for being very fond of water and some owners have even shared videos of their cats learning to turn on sink faucets.

Written by Katie Finlay
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