7 Reasons Why We Secretly Wish Our Cats Stayed Kittens Forever

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 8, 2014

Truth be told, cats don’t stay kittens forever. Before we know it our adorable tiny kitten blossoms into a full-grown cat, and nothing is ever the same again. We miss when they were just helpless little balls of fuzz, with those kitten nails that caught on everything, and the way they could cuddle under our necks without suffocating us.

Wishing they would stay just as they are, here are 7 reasons why we secretly wish cats stayed cute kittens forever:


1. Kittens are just so precious, even without trying to be

No matter who you are, you have to admit that kittens are truly adorable. With the funny things they do to the ways they make us smile, kittens have an innate quality that makes us stop and say AWWW!

5643909938_a196b9ceb6_zSource: @Learnin’ Curve via Flickr

2. They follow us around everywhere like pint-sized shadows

These little guys follow us around like shadows almost everywhere we walk, but you have to be careful to watch out so you don’t accidentally step on those tiny paws. Once they grow older, they won’t be as likely to follow along with you like they did when they were just babies.


3. We cherish those baby meow sounds

Almost like a rodent’s squeak, those tiny meows are impossible to resist. Especially since before you know it those cute meows will transform into bellowing sounds–like when your cat is insisting to be fed.

202746793_77b575bc4f_zSource: @Pictr73 via Flickr

4. Kittens provide nonstop entertainment

With tons of energy these hyper little kids will play until they can’t go anymore. Kittens are simple little creatures that can find amusement in the littlest thing, providing their owners with endless entertainment for as long as they stay small.


5. Cuddly kittens won’t cuddle forever

Since kittens will one day become adult cats, we try and enjoy the “little” things while we can. Kittens are like babies that enjoy being warm, and it makes us smile when they’re cuddly kittens… because soon enough they turn into adult cats that smother us with their body weight.

2491109606_e8b39d9e74_zSource: @Waldo Jaquith via Flickr

6. Too afraid to leave our side

When kittens grow older they often get the burning desire to explore the outside world, venturing off if we leave a door or window open. Fortunately most young kittens are perfectly happy and feel safe when they are close by their owner.

3110862090_0aab78c4d1_zSource: @Robert Wisniewski via Flickr

7. How much they need you

As kittens grow into cats they become pretty independent and sometimes even rather solitary, so we enjoy them while they are young and cling to us like we are their parents. Before long things will change and our little babies will grow to be mature cats, but luckily as they grow so will the love they’ve developed for us.

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