6-Year-Old Becomes Hero To Tiny Kitten When No One Else Can

| Published on May 29, 2015

We really admire firefighters who do everything they can to rescue an animal. We appreciate their valiant efforts for rescuing the poor defenseless animals. These guys are definitely heroes!

However, in the video below, it wasn’t a fireman who became the hero of the story. An unlikely hero emerged when firefighters couldn’t rescue kitten stuck in a storm drain.

In Lancaster Pennsylvania, firefighters were doing everything they could to rescue the poor kitty in the storm drain. But they realize that because the storm drain was too small, they couldn’t fit in there to retrieve the kitty. Luckily, a 6-year-old girl was there to help them! Watch the video below for the full story!

Hurray for the 6-year-old hero! Because of her bravery the kitten was rescued! And kudos to the firefighters for all their efforts!