6 Tips To Keep Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

| Published on June 11, 2015

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. It allows them to both file down their nails, stretch their athletic bodies and mark their territory. Aside from needing to scratch for these reasons, they also enjoy it because their feline instincts tell them to. But many cat owners know that cats scratching on furniture can lead to huge problems, including the loss of the furniture. While declawing was the norm to prevent this, it’s since been discovered to be a very painful procedure that’s detrimental to both your cat’s body and mind. Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed short will help, but how else can we keep our cats from scratching furniture in a healthy way? Check out these tips!

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#1 – Get Appropriate Scratching Posts


Getting your cat a scratching post is probably one of the best ways to prevent furniture damage, but it’s important to get an appropriately sized scratching post. Whatever type of post or item you choose, make sure it’s large enough that your cat can stretch their entire body. If your cat isn’t able to stretch out all the way, they won’t find the post as comfortable as your large couch.

#2 – Put Scratching Posts In The Right Area


Because cats scratch to mark their territory, you want to put a scratching post or two in areas that you and your family frequent. Hiding them in an unused room or in the back of the house won’t be very enticing to your cat, because they probably don’t care too much about that territory. Putting posts in rooms you are in all the time will make for a much better alternative for your cat.

#3 – Use Soft Claw Covers


There are multiple brands of covers for your cat’s nails and they are all soft plastic or vinyl caps that slip over each claw. These not only keep your cat from scratching you, they keep your furniture intact because these plastic caps are soft and don’t catch on any material.

#4 – Use A Spray Bottle

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If you have a persistent cat and are around often when the scratching goes on, considering trying to deter scratching furniture by using a spray bottle to gently spray your cat. This is a very minor correction and will work only if you can be there consistently to spray your cat and is only fair if there are other, proper alternatives for scratching posts.

#5 – Use Double-Sided Tape

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Using double-sided tape or various similar products on areas that your cat likes to scratch will also deter them from the area. This tape is quite uncomfortable, although harmless, and your cat will likely look for another area to scratch. Again, make sure you have the proper alternative because you might find your cat just moves from your favorite couch to your favorite lounge chair.

#6 – Cover Furniture

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For those of us that work or are away during the day and have cats that are constant scratchers, considering covering your furniture with plastic covers to prevent damage. Your cat won’t want to scratch the plastic and won’t have access to your beautiful couches and other items. This is a great solution, although it can be somewhat time consuming to cover and uncover furniture.

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