5 Ways You Can Be A Better Cat Owner This Year

| Published on February 2, 2015

We love our cats and are always trying to do what’s best for them. This means keeping up with new information regarding their health and behavior, adjusting to suit their needs as they age and much, much more. With the new year just begun, we can certainly resolve to do what we can to be better owners for our feline friends. Whether you’re on top of the game now or looking to improve your cat’s care, check out these 5 ways to become a better cat owner.

#1 – Keep Your Cat Indoors


This can be very hard to do considering most cats really love going outside to roam and play, but the dangers of unsupervised outdoor time are growing by the day. With our population bigger than ever, outdoor cats are exposed to vehicles, dogs, natural predators like coyotes and even other cats. Injuries from cat fights can lead to wound infections, FIV and FeLV. This doesn’t mean your cat can’t ever go outside – teaching him to walk on a leash and harness will allow you to spend safe outdoor time together.

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#2 – Keep the Litterbox Clean


If there’s somewhere cat owners tend to slack off, it’s cleaning the litterbox. No one blames you, as it’s not the most fun part of cat ownership. But your kitty relies on your to stay clean and comfortable and often start eliminating in other parts of the house when their box isn’t kept clean. Sometimes you just might have more cat than litterbox. The rule of thumb is one box per cat, plus one extra.

#3 – Regular Vet Checks


Most of us try to avoid going to the veterinarian as much as possible, but cats are very stoic animals that usually don’t display symptoms of any illness until it’s too late. Whether you’ve got a young kitten or an aging old soul, an annual vet visit will ensure that your feline friends are happy and healthy for years to come.

#4 – Have Fun


Life happens, we get lazy and sometimes family gets in the way, but that doesn’t mean our cats don’t get bored or feel forgotten. Despite being independent animals, cats do enjoy our company and can become depressed if they don’t have any mental or physical stimulation. Playing with your cat allows you to spend quality time together while keeping your kitty entertained and happy.

#5 – Diet & Nutrition


Studies about pet food have only recently come to light in the last few years, but we’ve learned a lot about what we should and shouldn’t feed. If you’re looking to have a healthier approach to diet, it’s never too early to start. Whether you’ve got an overweight kitty that needs to shed some pounds or an aging feline that has changes in her nutritional needs, paying close attention to your cat’s diet will ensure she’s healthy.

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