5 Reasons Why Rescue Cats Are The Best Cats

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 5, 2014

When you rescue any animal, not only are you doing a very good deed for society, but you are also giving an animal that someone didn’t want a second chance. Life is all about second chances, and there are so many poor cats out there that need good forever homes.

By taking a chance on a kitty from a shelter/rescue, you aren’t only doing a good deed, but giving hope to a cat that is sure to appreciate you. If you’ve done this for your cat, I’m sure that you share a special bond between you and your grateful feline friend. And the best part is, your life is never the same once you let them into your home… and your heart:)

Here’s 5 reasons why rescue cats are the best cats:

6543391475_80c55ab7d9_zSource: @hehaden via Flickr

1. Your rescue kitty will be eternally grateful that you saved them

Life on the streets or in a shelter is no way for an animal–especially a cat–to live. Cats prefer peace and quiet, and they need familiarity in a safe place to feel comfortably at ease. If you rescued your kitty from a shelter know that your cat will always appreciate you for giving them a better life. Some cats even choose their owners at a shelter, staring at you with beautiful, sparkling eyes just asking to go home with you… and if you can’t resist then that’s the one!


2. By rescuing, your cat will not leave till spayed or neutered

Like Bob Barker used to preach at the end of every The Price is Right: “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” This is so important in helping to do what we can to put an end to cats or kittens that don’t have a forever home. When you rescue kitty from a shelter they aren’t allowed to go home happy to their new owners before this surgery is done. If your cat likes to travel in and out of the home, you won’t have to worry about them as much knowing that they have had this vital procedure performed. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing things right!


(A photo of my daughter and rescue cat, Mr. Purple, spending time together.)

3. Your rescue cat won’t have to suffer anymore

When you bring home that rescue cat or kitten, know that you are giving them a better life by truly saving them. It doesn’t matter how they got into your life, but they did, and I’m sure that both you and your cat are happy that your paths crossed–for good. My rescue cat brings so much joy to my family, and I know that I taught my children a good lesson by rescuing our big kiddy-friendly ball of fuzz–Mr. Purple.


4. You’re a lifesaver now–for real!

Bringing home a rescue cat means that you saved an animals life by preventing the possibility of euthanasia for poor kitty. And not only this, but you are getting a healthy cat with a clean bill of health that is completely up to date on all it’s vaccinations. Not bad, and well worth the small price tag attached for a lifetime of love.


5. By rescuing your cat from a shelter, you aren’t supporting expensive “breeders”

You would be awfully surprised to see the number of quality/exotic breeds surrendered or recovered by an animal shelter. With the increased number of cats in shelters/rescues, chances are that you might even be able to find that certain breed you’ve always dreamed of calling your own. Many “breeders” try to make a fortune off cats that some people only want as an accessory, and you can have the chance to take someone’s unwanted treasure and turn it into your cuddly pride and joy. (There are even shelters dedicated to rescuing particular breeds of cats as well.)

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