5 Cool Facts About Your Cat’s Whiskers

| Published on January 22, 2015

Whiskers are such a unique feature on animals and many aren’t even sure what they’re for. They’re certainly an interesting feature on our cats and even if they don’t seem to use them, we can promise you that they do. In fact, here are 5 reasons to love your cat’s whiskers!

#1 – They Tell Your Cat Where to Fit


It’s no surprise at all that cats love squeezing into tiny hiding spots and crevices and they seem to never get stuck. How can they tell where they’ll fit? Their whiskers, of course! A cat’s whiskers are roughly as long as their bodies are wide, so cats know that wherever they can fit their whiskers they can fit their bodies too!

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#2 – They Aren’t Just On the Nose


Whiskers aren’t just on your cat’s nose, they’re on the backs of all of her legs, above her eyes and on her chin. This gives your cat the ultimate GPS guide when it comes to getting around in dark places.

#3 – They Are Extremely Sensitive


Your cat’s whiskers are rooted far deeper than any fur and therefore are surrounded by tissue and nerves. This gives your cat a whole new sense. They can feel even the slightest change in airflow and in their surroundings and even though they see well in the dark, whiskers certainly help them get around safely and alert them to any changes.

#4 – They Feel Through Vibration


To clarify that whiskers are a sense of their own for cats, you need to understand how they work. Whiskers feel through vibration and are able to feel both distance and space this way. In fact, the scientific term for whiskers is “vibrissae,” which means “tactile hairs.”

#5 – They Help Catch Prey


Even though it seems like eyes, ears, teeth and claws do most of the work when it comes to hunting, whiskers are actually a very important aspect of the work. Cats can’t see very well close up, so they use the whiskers on their face and feet to help them feel where their prey is up close. This helps them hold on to it and position it for the kill, be it real prey or a stuffed mouse.

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