5 Important Reasons Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Cat

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 31, 2014

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By making the choice to spay or neuter your cat, know that you are making a great decision. Regardless of how your cat came into your life, there are 5 important things to keep in mind if you have yet to have your kitty fixed:

1. Help control the pet population

If you rescued your cat from a shelter they certainly wouldn’t have allowed them to leave without this important procedure being done for this exact purpose. The number of homeless animals in America is shocking, and just because your pet is not homeless, doesn’t mean their potential offspring wouldn’t be if you don’t have them spayed/neutered. It’s not just females you need to consider but also male cats who travel outside of the home that might start feeling frisky if a cat in heat came in their path.

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2. Spaying/Neutering your pet will increase their chances of a longer, healthier lifespan

Having your pet spayed/neutered can directly benefit your cat’s health and has been clinically proven to increase their chances of a longer life. Opting to fix your cat will also decrease their chances of developing testicular, uterine, and prostate cancer and while they will likely live longer they will be healthier, too.

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3. Helps to prevent bad behavior

Male cats that haven’t been neutered are notorious to have one nasty habit that their owner’s can find rather bothersome–spraying. Not only does this bad habit leave a terrible odor, it’s not fun to clean up either. In order to prevent your male cat from doing this it’s best to have them neutered when they are still young kittens (4 months and under). If your cat is female having them spayed before they begin to go in heat will keep them from their instinctual behavior of wanted to roam when that time comes calling every so often.

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4. Cutting down on cost is an added benefit

Caring for litters or unexpected health problems that are associated from having a cat that’s not fixed can add up quickly. Having this procedure done will help with any unforeseen pet costs and that’s just more money you can use to spoil your kitty for good behavior.

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5. Having your pet spayed/neutered is a good deed for society

If you believe in doing what’s right and consider yourself an animal advocate then having your pet spayed/neutered speaks volumes. Actions speak louder than words and by doing a good deed for society your doing a good deed for your beloved cat in the process!

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