5 Cat Grooming Tips

| Published on November 24, 2014

Every cat needs regular grooming to be a pretty kitty! Kristen Hammett, D.V.M., is President-Elect, North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA). She is also a veterinarian at Waynesville Animal Hospital in Waynesville, North Carolina, where she has practiced veterinary medicine since 1988. Here are her tips to make grooming easier for you and better for your cat.

#1 – Brushing

Regularly brush your cat’s hair to remove matting and tangles, and to keep their coat clean and shiny. Your cat will appreciate this more if they are calm and happy. You can use a cat-specific brush, but some human ones will work as well. Short-haired cats need brushing only about once a week, but long-haired cats should be brushed every day.

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#2 – Bathes

Even though they may not like it, cats also need to be bathed regularly to keep them happy and healthy. After a good brush, bathe your feline friend with a cat-safe shampoo in warm water. Dry your cat with a large, absorbent towel, and use a blow dryer on a low-heat setting if necessary.

Image source: @IanMurphy via Flickr

#3 – Nails

Trim your cat’s nails to keep them from destroying your furniture or hurting others if they get too long. Be very careful not to clip too close, and be sure to use pet-safe clippers to avoid any unnecessary, painful cuts.

Image source: @TraciLawson via Flickr

#4 – Treats

Many cats enjoy cleaning themselves with their tongue, but may not enjoy grooming by a human. In these cases, have a treat ready for your cat at the end of their grooming session. This will help them get used to regular grooming, and they may even look forward to getting brushed and bathed in the future!

Image source: @RobertCouse-Baker via Flickr

#5 – Toothbrushing

Dental care is also part of a proper grooming routine for your cat. You can do this with a regular or pet-specific toothbrush, or with a dental sponge. Pet stores sell pet toothpaste that is flavored like chicken, beef or other flavors that cats will enjoy. Do not use human toothpaste on your cat.

Image source: @JohnMorton via Flickr

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