5 Awesome Accessories For Your Cat’s Carrier

| Published on March 5, 2015

It can take hard work to get your cat to love their carrier as much as we do, but there’s a good chance they’ll have to be in it any time you travel. In fact, it’s recommended to keep your cat in a carrier in the care and certain other times. Since carriers themselves can be a little boring, we’ve found some great accessories to spice up you and your cat’s lives!

#1 – Quilted Pet Carrier Cover

Photo by Glamourpuss2014 via Etsy.


While some cats feel perfectly safe and secure in their carriers, others want a little more darkness and privacy. Whether you’ve got a more introverted feline or are just looking for a way to add some extra comfort to your cat’s crate, this quilted carrier cover is the perfect choice. Available from Glamourpuss2014 on Etsy.

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#2 – Good Dog Beds Crate Pad

Photo by GoodDogBeds.com.


We know dog is in the name of this company, but these are excellent quality carrier pads that will work for your cat as well as your dog. They are handmade, very comfortable and come in a wide variety of beautiful styles. Available in all different sizes at GoodDogBeds.com.

#3 – DryFur Spill-Proof Food & Water Dishes

Photo via DryFur.com.


If you’re traveling by air with your cat, you’ll be required to bring food and water dishes that attach to the carrier. But even long car trips might need some food and water while moving. Most pet carrier dishes are small plastic bowls that spill everywhere, but these DryFur dishes are spill-proof and made to keep your pet nourished and dry. Available at DryFur.com.

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#4 – The Bean Stitch Pawfect Embroidered Carrier Tag

Photo by BeanStitch via Etsy.


This adorable paw-shaped tag is available to be customized with your cat’s name and information so you can attach it right on your carrier. The text is embroidered into the tag for long-lasting, stylish results. Available from BeanStitch on Etsy.

#5 – Kurgo Carrier Keeper

Photo via Kurgo.com.


While keeping your cat in a carrier while you travel by car is highly recommended because of its ideal safety, having in loose in the vehicle can still pose some serious problems. The Kurgo Carrier Keeper straps right on to your cat’s carrier so it can be securely fastened to the seat belt of your car, making travel as safe as possible. Available at Kurgo.com.