4 Ways To Tell Your Cat “I Love You”

How do you show your love to your cats? Adopting cats doesn’t include the how to’s in loving them because you have to learn that on your own. More often than not, it’s our cats that are showing their affection to us. They cling and sit on our lap, loving the warmth. Don’t you think it’s about time to have them on the receiving end?

Here’s a video of Jackson Galaxy showing us 4 ways to tell our cats we love them. These are: slow-blinking, nodding, bowing and the 3-step handshake. These are simple ways that just need a little practice. Who else should give them love except their mothers but us, humans right?

I did learn something today. It is not just a one-way relationship. The love from our cats should be reciprocated. Share this cool video with your friends who have cats!

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