4 Cat Breeds From Australia

| Published on April 5, 2015

Ever wonder what cats are coming from down under? Despite its large geographic area, there aren’t very many cat breeds that originate in Australia. That said, the ones that do are surely beautiful breeds that we love.

#1 – Australian Mist



The Australian Mist is a beautifully spotted breed from Australia with a breeding program that started in 1976. They were developed by crossing Abyssinians and Burmese cats with domesticated house cats. They are lively, playful cats that enjoy going for walks on a leash as well as relaxing indoors.

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#2 – Russian White, Black & Tabby


The White, Black and Tabby Russians were derived from the Russian Blue but developed in Australia. In 1971, Dick and Mavis Jones bred an imported white Siberian cat to one of their own Russian Blues, which produced two white kittens. From there, they developed other color patterns and created them as new breeds.

#3 – Somali


The origin of the Somali is up for debate, as they originated from long-haired Abyssinian kittens that were exported from England to various countries. Cat fanciers worked to create the Somali breed in Australia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand, making each country a contributor to this beautiful breed’s standard.

#4 – Tasman Manx


The Tasman Manx is named after the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. The breed originated from imported Manx cats but is unique in that it has a curly coat. This was the result of a natural genetic mutation and enthusiasts worked to create a new breed and standard.