21 Things That Have Happened To Anyone Who Has A Cat


For any of us that have a cat in our lives, we know just how fun and quirky our relationships are with our feline friends. While every cat has their own identity and personality traits that make them unique, there are things that almost all cats do that we cat keepers can relate to. I know I’ve experienced all these with my cat, Mr. Purple, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are 21 things that have happened to anyone who has a cat:

1. You’ve considered cancelling plans to hang with your cat–because he didn’t want you to leave.

2. You will step on a fresh hairball in the night.

3. You will find your favorite sweater covered in cat hair.

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4. You will wake up to a set of eyes staring at you that have pierced through your soul.

5. You will trip and fall when walking because your cat was doing figure 8’s through your legs.

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6. Your toes will be attacked while sleeping underneath blankets.

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7. You will fear that your cat accidentally got out of the house, searching for hours, only to find that they were sleeping in the back of your closet.      

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8. You will tell people how sweet and friendly your cat is only to have them scratch that same person when meeting them.

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9. Your vase full of fresh flowers will get knocked to the floor.

10. You will find toilet paper all over your bathroom… as well as a shredded shower curtain.

11. You’ve taken photos of your cat just so you can stare at how beautiful they are.

12. You’ve come up with at least a handful of nicknames for them. And rarely call them by their actual name.

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13. You will need to get up but can’t because your cat is sleeping on you.

14. You’ve woken up to your cat’s rear in your face…on more than one occasion.

15. When food bowls have run empty, you’ve contemplated your cat’s sanity.

16. You’ve come home to shredded curtains and destroyed, partially-hanging blinds.

17. Your furniture will become catified.

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18. In moments where you’ve thought the two of you were bonding, he’s scratched or bit you out of nowhere. #lovehurts

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19. You will never go to the bathroom alone ever again.

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20. You’ve jumped up from a deep sleep to the sound of something crashing…only to wonder if they were okay, not what broke.

21. You’ve caught yourself almost crying thinking about how much you love them. Wait, is that just me? 😉

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