2 Kittens Find The Purrfect “Toys” To Play With

For curious, playful kittens, anything can be a toy! Whether it’s a box, a shoestring, or even their own shadow, baby kitties always seem to find a way to entertain themselves. (Which can mean getting into mischief!)

The kittens in the video below are lucky to have each other as playmates, and they find the purrfect “toys” to chase: each others’ tails!

Watch how they play in the video below:

Source: Kitty Cat Tail Chasing by katznkittenz8 on Rumble

This adorable duo will have hours of entertainment – but they may get a little bit dizzy! We love how kittens know how to make a game out of just about anything.

What is the silliest thing that your cat likes to play with? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Karen Tietjen
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