15 Tips That Make Trimming Your Cats Nails Easier

| Published on March 30, 2015

Trimming a cat’s nails can be downright painful, with blood loss on both sides. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The following 15 tips will help make nail trims with your kitty an easy task.

#1 – Take Breaks

Don’t try to do all four feet at once. It’s easier on your cat if you take breaks. Depending on your cat’s comfort level that might mean a break between paws, or even after just a couple claws.

Image source: @mllu92 via Flickr
Image source: @mllu92 via Flickr

#2 – Train a Trick

You can teach your kitty to lay on his back (yes cat’s can learn tricks!) to make nail trimming easier. You can use the same methods KikoPup uses in this video.

Image source: @psyberartist via Flickr

#3 – Use a Towel

Wrapping your kitting in a towel can help reduce struggling and make your kitty feel calmer. Wrap up all the paws except the one you are working on. Just don’t wrap her too tight.

Image source: @Kara via Flickr
Image source: @Kara via Flickr

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#4 – Try a Dremel

Some cats don’t like the sensation of the trimmers and so you may have better luck using a dremel. Be sure to get your cat used to the sound first, by giving him treats while you have the dremal on.

Image source:  Petsmart.com
Image source: Petsmart.com

#5 –  Two People

Having someone else who can hold your cat while you are doing the trimming can really make a difference.

Image source: @JeffreyBeall via Flickr

#6 – Catnip

For some cats, catnip mellows them out. If that’s the case for your kitty, you may want to give them a bit before the nail trim.

Image source: @JasonRiedy via Flickr

#7 –  Treats

Have your kitty’s favorite treat on hand to reward them for being good during clipping. Give your kitty a treat if he allows you near the foot without reacting and build up to the nail trim.

Image source: Petsmart.com
Image source: Petsmart.com

#8 – Use Human Clippers

Human nail clippers can be easier to handle than the pet ones and work better on tiny kitty claws. Plus, since you are used to using them, you won’t be as clumsy.

Image source: @BradleyGordon via Flickr

#9 – Play First

Tire your kitty out with a play session so they have less energy to fight you. Play their favorite game and keep it positive.

Image source: @GhostNr1 via Flickr
Image source: @GhostNr1 via Flickr

#10 – Inflatable Cone

Is your cat a biter when it comes to nail trims? Put an inflatable (donut shaped) cone on first to prevent you from getting bitten.

Image source: Drsfostersmith.com
Image source: Drsfostersmith.com

#11 – Start Young

If you have a kitten, get them used to you touching their paws and lightly squeezing them so that they get used to the sensation of a nail trim before they even need one.

Image source: @JenniferC. via Flickr

#12 – Massage the Paws

Start by massaging the paws, and then rewarding your kitty for allowing the contact. If your cat tries to pull away, just follow her movement (without pinching or pulling back) and keep your hand on her paw (you don’t want her to learn that if she pulls away, you will let go). When she stops fussing, wait a second or two, then reward and release.

Image source: @Alexander via Flickr
Image source: @Alexander via Flickr

#13 – Don’t Rush

Don’t think getting it over quicker is better. You will end up quicking your cat and then she really won’t like getting her nails trimmed.

Image source: @TracieLawson via Flickr

#14 – Pick a Quiet Place

Don’t try to trim your cat’s nails with other pets around, near a window where there may be distractions, etc. Pick a quiet room where you cat feels relaxed.

Image source: @brownpau via Flickr
Image source: @brownpau via Flickr

#15 – Seek Professional Help

If you really are struggling, take your kitty to the vet or groomers to get help trimming her nails. They are pros at this and may have a better luck.

Image source: @brownpau via Flickr
Image source: @brownpau via Flickr

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